T-Shirts Design Wanted!

Grand Prix

$20,000 (USD)

Theme for this year :
Disney | Pixar | Star Wars | Marvel

What is UTGP2023?

Application Closed


Grand Prix

$20,000 (USD)

Awarded to one winner for each

Disney, Pixar, Star Wars,
and Marvel Design Prizes

$3,000 (USD)


Special prize

$1,000 (USD)

Awarded to multiple winners

Extra Prize

Top winners will be invited to the USA for a special tour.


Judges will include guests from the Disney team and UNIQLO.


Entry Period

August 9th´╝ŹSeptember 10th, 2022 (Until 23:59 JST)

Winner Notification

December 2022 - January 2023*

Winners will receive a notification via email.

*Subject to change.

Results Announcement and Winning Design Release

Summer 2023

How to Enter

Check the How To Enter page and enter on the Enter page.

About the Brands

Disney captivates people around the world with Mickey Mouse and other charming characters featured in its films, animations, theme parks, consumer products, and publications.


Pixar is an animation studio that has made masterpiece films with incredible stories and innovative CGI animation, such as "Toy Story" and "Monsters, Inc".


Star Wars was created by George Lucas; with the first film released in 1977. Star Wars has grown through novels, comics, and video games, as well as the movies.

Star Wars

Marvel has introduced well-loved superheroes, such as Spider-Man and Captain America, who star in comics, live action and animated movies, TV shows, and video games.


About UT Grand Prix

The UT Grand Prix (UTGP) is a design competition that started in 2005. Using the T-shirt as a creative medium, the UTGP invites everyone to freely express their creativity. Open to everyone, regardless of their occupation, age, gender, or nationality, UTGP aims to foster imagination and artistic talent in people all over the world.

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