Q&A with Christophe Lemaire

Q&A with Christophe Lemaire

What were your inspirations for this collection?

Changing lifestyles have created new needs, and clothing has adapted to the times. More than ever, function, versatility, and comfort are necessary design elements. Spending more time outdoors—from a walk in the park to cycling to work—was a key inspiration for this season and going forward. At Uniqlo U, we’re designing for today—and tomorrow.

How did you create the color palette? What’s the overall mood?

Our indoor surroundings have greatly influenced our lives. This is reflected in soothing soft browns, ceramic whites, muted blue-green, charcoal grey and black with bright accents. At the same time, we’ve connected more deeply to nature, with calming shades of ochre, moss, and the magenta and purple of an early-morning sunrise.

Describe the materials for this collection. How do they feel to the wearer and what benefits do they offer?

Soft, easy fabrics have beautiful fluidity. Natural fibers such as lambswool and cotton feel cozy and comfortable. Cotton has a fresh simplicity for tailored and workwear pieces, as well as outerwear, which is infused with invisible tech to help protect against the elements.

How did you decide on the silhouettes? Please share unique design details.

The idea was soft layering, with versatile styles for seamlessly transitioning between relaxing at home to going outside in your neighborhood. Every piece has been designed to be worn on its own or layered over and under other pieces—with just the right proportions, lengths of sleeves and hems, size and fit to work perfectly together. Freedom of movement and comfort are worked into loose and oversized shapes. These are silhouettes with elegance and ease.

Can leg style change a look?

Incredibly! A silhouette is always an ongoing conversation between the top and bottom, with the lower portion grounding and finishing the outfit with the latest leg shape and look. This season, we’ve introduced legwear—a great styling trick to add color and intrigue, whether rolled all the way up or scrunched down.

What are your favorite pieces in this collection?

The short trench with block-tech is a timeless, elegant piece that works well with everything, with weatherproofing and ease of movement for biking to work. I also really like the track pants with the front patch pocket and the hooded zip-up—these add a casual modern vibe to any look.

Please share more about the Kids’ styles. What do you like most about designing for kids?

It’s a fun, spontaneous experience. While the styles look just like the adult versions, we really wanted to give kids the room they need in their active lives. The emphasis is on freedom—to run, jump, and play, all day.

How are these pieces Made for All?

Every Uniqlo U piece is designed to appeal to all people, everywhere—from the simple sophistication of the styles to the casual fit and varied color palettes. We look at things like larger grades between sizes to fit more body shape types, and shades from neutrals to brights to integrate easily into every wardrobe. The price point is also democratic—these are well-made, long-lasting pieces, a great value for everyone.