U Recycled Down Jacket

U Recycled Down Jacket

The notion of what is good design changes in accordance with the shifting standards of society. In recent years, a new value set that goes beyond form and function has become an important measuring tool for evaluating the merits of the objects we want to live with. Now, sustainability is the cornerstone of any design process that has integrity. With that, the importance of considering not just material production, but also circulations of things, is a vital part of this. At Uniqlo, we strive to create clothing that is not only sophisticated as well as ingenious when it comes to design, but also is kind to the complex ecosystem around us. That is why we are proud to introduce our first jacket made of 100% recycled down.


The creation of this jacket has been a collective effort that includes Uniqlo’s own teams, and also our community around the world. In fact, the life of this jacket began with customers returning old and unwanted down as well as feather garments back to Uniqlo stores as part of our recycling programme.

From these garments, the precious down has been harvested for re-use.
This jacket is versatile in terms of its design and function. The fit has been perfected so that it can be worn either on its own as a sophisticated unisex outdoor jacket, or layered underneath or on top of garments for additional warmth. Key details, like the soft V-neckline, further enhance the flexibility without subscribing to a specific gendered point of view. The onion-shaped stitching is reminiscent of the quilted utility liners that inspired the jacket, but more crucially helps to increase warmth whilst reducing stiffness.

With sustainability a high priority, our commitment to the lifecycle of this jacket does not stop after the design process. We are confident that this jacket will serve you well for years to come but once it has come to the end of its journey with you, please bring it back to a Uniqlo store. We will make sure it will be re-worked once again and made into something equally as great as this recycled down jacket.

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