Supima is extraordinarily rare and soft, making up less than 1% of the world’s cotton.

Extra long, fine fibres create a softer, smoother surface that holds vibrant colours for longer; ensuring premium quality and a surprisingly long lifespan with double the strength and durability of regular cotton.


Supima® cottons is exceptionally soft, strong and holds colour more than any other cotton. This is because the fibres of Supima® cotton are longer than that of regular cotton. The longer fibres of Supima makes it much more resistant to pilling.

Grown only in the US, Supima® is an exclusive cotton which accounts for approximately 3% of all cotton grown in the United States. Here at UNIQLO, we use Supima® for select items within our basic ranges - from short sleeve T-shirts and vests for women to boxers and socks for men; enabling man and woman to experience the softness of Supima every day.

Our women’s Supima® range of t-shirts are the perfect base to build your outfit around, wear with jeans or sweat bottoms for an everyday outfit. A selection of our socks and underwear also feature Supima® for all day, everyday comfort.