Women's Maternity Clothes

Dressing for comfort during pregnancy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Explore our range of maternity bottoms designed with form, fit and fashion in mind. Opt for ultra stretch jeans for a convenient way to add casual flair to your wardrobe, colourful leggings for a splash of vibrancy or high and low rise briefs for support where it matters. Over or under your bump, go above and beyond in your day to day with UNIQLO's maternity collection.

Our range of maternity trousers helps you embrace the casual look of jeans or the sleek appeal of professional trousers without having to sacrifice on comfort or support. Choose from pieces enhanced with material construction and clever shape retention designs so you can feel as good as you look. Our Ultra Stretch fabric provides a 360 degree range of stretch to keep you comfortable all day, while retaining a classic denim appearance, while our smart trousers are suitable for work or special occasions.

Opt for a flattering form-fitting look or something a touch more relaxed with our selection of women's maternity leggings, boasting an elegant selection of sleek colourways and styles to complement your wardrobe. Make the most of smart material design which stretches without compressing, keeping you comfortable in your day-to-day.

Comfort and support start from within; make sure every layer of your outfit is working for you. Choose from low and high rise women's briefs made for maternity, constructed with soft cotton fabric and boasting an elastic-free design to prevent seams uncomfortably digging into skin throughout the day.