Get In Touch: The Best Fleece For Fall

How to stay warm, all season long.

When life’s pace picks up to match the crisp and invigorating breeze of fall in the city, how do we unwind? Patty Ratermann and Lex Kendall, a Brooklyn power couple making bold moves in their respective careers, have a simple solution — they get in touch with nature.
Lex, a serial entrepreneur, is the founder and COO of New Stand, a chain of boutique convenience stores that curates both elevated essentials as well as daily content. Patty is a model-turned-business owner who is launching her bakery, Patti’sserie, this fall. To keep their energy in balance, the duo splits their time between a place in Williamsburg during the workweek and a cozy weekend home in verdant Upstate New York.
Here’s how they wear UNIQLO Fleece to dial down the tempo from weekday urban upbeat, to weekend rustic retreat. 

Wrapping Up The Workweek

She wears: Fluffy Fleece Long Sleeve Coat, Fleece Pants, Wool Beret, Belt, Turtleneck   

He wears: HEATTECH Fleece Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt, Belt, Pants, Jacket
With Patty’s busy schedule, she’ll take business meetings up until the last minute before heading upstate for the weekend. Our light and elegant Fleece Long-Sleeve Coat is an easy outer layer to instantly raise the chic factor of any outfit. It makes for a put-together and professional impression and is warm enough to catch a pleasant fall breeze while closing a deal at the outside seats of her favorite café.
Running his own company, Lex also has plenty of places to be and things to do before checking out. Forgoing the need to lug around a heavier jacket, the HEATTECH Fleece Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt provides functional warmth and moisture-wicking comfort for a stylish casual Friday look. Plus, the slim profile is easy to layer under a tailored, client-facing jacket.  

Packing Up To Go