Jun 18, 2019 LifeWear
Illustration pictured: 'Flags'
As part of UNIQLO’s ongoing partnership with It’s Nice That and their regular Ones to Watch feature, South Korean illustrator Jee-ook Choi has created a series of elegant illustrations representing the lightweight, breezy and airy nature of our innovative AIRism fabric.

Clothing (i)

There are five pieces in Jee-ook's series of illustrations. Movement, a theme integral to Jee-ook’s existing work, is an essential part of her reinterpretation of the AIRism range; each illustration depicts pieces of clothing and huge swathes of fabric being moved by an invisible breeze, while shades of cool blue dominate the collective colour palette.

Speaking to It’s Nice That, Jee-ook said “My pictures tend to have a static feeling like time has stopped. I like the feeling that you’re sitting idly for a long time, and if there are things moving around, I want the objects to just float in space."

Clothing (ii)

"I looked at a lot of fashion pictures to express the texture of cloth", Jee-ook says. "I imagined that the fabric of AIRism was not falling but flying.”

Each piece situates AIRism on a backdrop of a simple, domestic environment; a dining room, a laundry room, a vista from a bedroom window. “It is an example of a piece of invisible science that enhances people’s quality of life,” Jee-ook explains. “So I decided that I should make pictures of everyday life as it is changed by AIRism.”

While Asleep

AIRism is thoughtfully designed to slot seamlessly into everyday outfits, enhancing the wearer's day-to-day experience invisibly.

“I wanted to create a world of unique fabrics that are light and free and not affected by the surrounding environment,” she says. “I tried to express the smooth and fluid movement of cloth. I imagined watching the scene blowing in front of my eyes.”


Our range of AIRism-enhanced clothing comprises everything from intelligent, heat-releasing base layers to breathable cardigans to elegant dresses and jumpsuits. The entire AIRism range is available for women, men and kids.

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