May 06, 2019 LifeWear
The brand new Street Fighter UT Graphic Print collection has finally arrived! With its arrival comes a chance to reflect on one of the world’s most popular video game franchises and explore its decades-long history, before delving into the details of the exciting new collection.

The story of the beloved and iconic Street Fighter video game series is earmarked by moments of tremendous global success, garnering fans both casual and hardcore alike.

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Debuting in arcades around Japan in 1987, the very first Street Fighter game brought Capcom some success. It introduced the world to series protagonist Ryu, a highly experienced martial artist, and his childhood friend Ken (automatically assigned to player 2 in multiplayer games).

The initial Street Fighter game garnered moderate success upon release, ultimately working to establish the tropes, mechanics and gameplay behaviours its sequel would later become known for. It was the first fighting-based video game which offered special moves executed by inputting combinations of button commands. Some of these included iconic Street Fighter moves like the Fireball, the Dragon Punch and the Hadouken.

But four years later came what remains the biggest and most successful game in the decades-long franchise: Street Fighter II. This title was responsible for giving arcade gaming a brand new renaissance in 1991 and going on to revolutionise the core of the fighting game genre forever. Street Fighter II paved the way for countless fighting games from the early 90s to today with its inventive gameplay, combo moves, special attacks and characters.

Shop Street Fighter UT Graphic T-Shirts

For the first time, players were able to choose from eight different fighters, with each offering their own unique combat style, signature moves and mechanical advantages. Playing Street Fighter suddenly meant players were finding on-screen fighters that would complement their own playing styles.

The game’s success was unprecedented. To date, it is estimated Street Fighter II has exceeded £7.5billion in gross revenue across all its platforms, making by far one of the highest grossing video games of all time.

Shop Street Fighter UT Graphic T-Shirts

Now after more than 30 years, three further main series video games, dozens of spin-off games, crossover titles, live action films, comic book adaptions and so much more, the Street Fighter series comes to UT at UNIQLO.

Wear your appreciation for the legendary Street Fighter games with unique graphic print designs featuring Ryu, Guile, Dhalsim and so many more fan favourite fighters. Immortalise the moments that defined the series with memorable character taunts, button combinations and special moves. Give your outfits the unique charm and charisma uniquely embodied by early Street Fighter iconography.

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