Apr 18, 2019 LifeWear
Now that we’re firmly in the midst of Spring and enjoying an uplift in temperatures, it’s time to start thinking excitedly about summer. Whether you’re planning your holidays, daydreaming about sun-drenched lunchtimes outside or long walks in T-shirts and shorts, the promise of a little sunshine is certainly exciting after our extended spell of chilly weather.

With the prospect of more sun, however, comes the need to pay attention to staying safe, healthy and suitably protected. Even in this pleasantly mild Spring we’ve been experiencing, the danger posed by UV rays (even through cloud coverage) remains very real.

That’s why we’ve created our UV Cut range. These innovative pieces have been designed to keep most UV rays from reaching your skin, where it can cause long-term damage, sunburn and even feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

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Perhaps not as much as you might think. Any item of clothing which can let light through is susceptible to allowing UV rays to reach your skin. The level of protection your clothes offer can depend upon a number of factors: opaqueness or transparency of material, density of knit fabrics, number of worn layers. Simplify your approach to warm weather outfits and take the guesswork out of Spring and Summer clothes shopping with our uniquely devised, thoughtfully designed UV Cut line. Forget about second guessing your layers when you're heading out into the sun and slip into something you know you can rely on.

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Each of our UV Cut products has been cleverly enhanced with one of two material properties: the ability to absorb UV rays or the ability to reflect UV rays. These unique features mean that these clothes block up to 90% of UV radiation, delivering Ultraviolet Protection Factors (UPFs) of between 15 and 40.

The benefits of this technology are huge for everyone - from those who love to lap up the sun to those who experience only a little sun exposure on cloudy Spring days. Unlike traditional forms of sun protection, putting on a UV Cut hoodie, cardigan, jacket or hat takes a matter of seconds. When there's no effort required, it becomes that much easier to remain appropriately protected when spending time outdoors.

The protection our UV Cut range offers is also long-lasting, ensuring you continue to feel safe and protected while you’re on the move without the persisting and inconvenient worry of re-applying sun protection.

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Unlike traditional apparel, our UV Cut range has been upgraded with UV blocking or reflecting technology at the fibre level. Other than this vital change, these pieces are offer all the same contemporary style and panache as the rest of your wardrobe. We've made no exceptions or compromises to the way these items look as part of your favourite outfits. For example, our women’s UV Cut Jersey Blazer Jacket looks great worn with a pair of Linen Blend Wide Leg Trousers for an easy touch of elegant professionalism in the workplace or at smart-casual, semi-formal events.

Similarly, our AIRism UV Cut Cardigans for men comes in three endlessly versatile colours perfect for layering with a pair of Slim Fit Flat Front Chinos and a Supima Cotton T-Shirt. It's a sleek, simple and timeless look, but beyond the effortless aesthetic lies clever modern fabric technologies keeping you safe and feeling good. In fact, the cardigan itself boasts luxurious Supima Cotton blend construction for a touch of everyday indulgence with a soft jersey finish and clever cooling AIRism features. Want to learn more about AIRism? Read our guide here.

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These are the same Spring and Summer clothes you’re used to, upgraded with all the functionality and reliability of modern fabric technologies.


You might’ve thought that since it’s so important to stay protected when out in the sun, we should extend this same concern to the little ones in our lives. We’ve had the same thought. That’s exactly why this year, we’ve extended our UV Cut range from just women’s items to making sure we have the same clever protective tops, bottoms and accessories for men and kids.

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Our AIRism UV Cut Long Sleeved Hoodie has been further enhanced with DRY and AIRism technology to keep little ones cool and comfortable in all weather conditions. Its stretchy, soft material moves as they do - perfect for keeping up with the daily demands of busy little movers and shakers.

Now you can rest assured knowing the whole family is protected from harmful UV rays while out in the sun on holidays, days out in the sun or even just time spent doing the Summer school run.


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