Oct 04, 2018 LifeWear
The Art and Science of LifeWear: New Standards in Knitwear
If you happened to be in the area of the historic Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume last week between September 26th and 29th, you might've been fortunate enough to check out our annual Lifewear Day exhibition. Strategically organised to take place during Paris fashion week, we left our doors open to the general public and our 2018 knitwear-focused event saw a tremendous turnout of excited customers and fashion fanatics.

The exhibition, entitled “The Art and Science of Lifewear: New Standards in Knitwear”, was created to offer a peek behind the curtain of the artisanal philosophies, innovative technologies and artistic savoir-faire that contribute to the successful production of UNIQLO’s famous knitwear range. With a focus on cashmere, extra fine merino wool, lambswool and 3D knit materials, this exhibition encouraged lucky viewers to wander with curiosity through a series of immersive installations, arranged into five distinctly themed yet connected rooms:

Knit in 100 Colours
The Future of Knits
Lifewear Through The Lens of Paris
Perfect Styling
Excellent Quality and Value

These rooms covered the entire journey of a knit piece - from material selection, craftsmanship and design through to the latest developments in production and finishing technologies.

In the first room, we combined the beauty of art with the practicality of apparel design with an installation entitled 'Knit in 100 Colours'. A vibrant array of hanging swatches of pure, premium lambswool served to demonstrate the gorgeous gamut of colours that makes up our knitwear range. Each of these 100 hues is precisely and expertly blended and dyed in order to create the veritable rainbow of colour you see when you walk into any UNIQLO store or visit the UNIQLO website.

We demonstrated how revolutionary WHOLEGARMENT technology plays a crucial role in the future of knitwear. Capable of carefully and precisely crafting elegant silhouettes in three dimensions, this intelligent machinery produces seamless garments with an impeccable fit from a single thread.

This is made possible thanks to our use of the latest 3D knitting machines by Shima Seiki. This installation offered visitors the chance to be immersed in the heart of the production chain and experience the high technology we utilise to make advancements in knitwear design possible.

We showed the passion and expertise that makes up every step of our manufacturing process. We sought to represent the stringent rules and guidelines that consistently improve, refine and perfect our knitwear - ranging from the selection of luxury materials to the spinning, dyeing, knitting, washing and inspection of the results. Using scores of elegantly dressed mannequins, we showed how the one of the core concepts of UNIQLO's Lifewear philosophy dictates that our everyday essentials boast versatile, reliable and stylish applications.

We illustrated how our drive to co-ordinate exciting and refreshing collaborative ranges can lead to new and innovative product lines. Focusing on the pure luxury of cashmere and its relationship with the local Parisian fashion culture, we created knitwear in collaboration with three quintessential Parisian fashion houses: Maison Labiche, Keur Paris and Andrea Crews. Lucky visitors were given the chance to purchase these unique, personalised takes on UNIQLO's cashmere, which included original embroidered designs.

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