Oct 04, 2018 LifeWear
Everyone knows fleece. We’re all familiar with the soft, fluffy texture and the cosy feeling it provides. Perhaps we rely on it for lazy days at home, quick trips to the shop or even for an occasional hike in chilly weather.

What we’re perhaps less familiar with is the idea that the very same clothes that keep us so comfortable and warm can be reimagined as reliable, stylish pieces for a modern, fashion-conscious wardrobe. It’s the ubiquitous staple that keeps us snug but often leaves us feeling unfashionable.

But all things must change.

Welcome to the fleece of now at UNIQLO. We’ve decided to take a classic of British wardrobes and revitalise our designs with style in mind. Forget unsightly, ratty fleece jumpers with quarter zip fastening and unattractive, pallid colour choices. This is fleece for today.


Fleece Long Sleeved Coatigan
Somewhere between snug outerwear and a versatile middle layer, this fleece coatigan is purpose-made for mixing, matching and limitlessly layering. Its elegant and contemporary collarless design allows you to put your own mark on your outfit with a statement piece T-shirt or blouse. Leave it open for a relaxed, longline drape ideal or fasten the buttons when the cold starts creeping in. Think it looks good? Just wait until you feel it.

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Soft Knitted Fleece High Neck Top
Fleece doesn’t have to just be practical. Now, it can be a fashion statement. Sport the elegant look of a knit top but retain the unrivalled comfort of premium fleece with this eye-catching high-necked top. Gone are the days of unsightly pullovers and ratty pilling: a modern marl pattern and smooth textured finish promises sleek, contemporary style great for using in versatile, trans-seasonal outfits.

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HEATTECH Fleece Turtle Neck Top
Reimagine what you know about fleece. We’ve given this timeless staple material a modern refresh with high-performing, innovative HEATTECH technology. This clever fabric is designed to wick moisture away from the skin, using it to generate heat and regulate your body temperature throughout the day. The cosy turtle neck ensures this essential warmth stays in where it’s needed while providing an effortlessly retro look.

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HEATTECH Stretch Fleece Crew Neck Top
Extra warmth doesn’t have to mean extra weight. Fleece has been there for us over the years to keep us warm, but what it offers in traditional charm it lacks in high-tech performance. That’s why we’ve introduced HEATTECH to our range of men’s fleece tops, allowing moisture to be wicked away from the skin and used for heat generation. Its flattering and comfortable stretch fit provides a sleek, refined look… fleece has never been so comfortable or looked so good.

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Fleece Full-Zip Jacket
It's time to reapproach what 'everyday' means. Give your daily wardrobe a sleek, stylish boost with our newly updated Fleece Full-Zip Jacket, featuring even finer material for a softer touch so you can look just as fine as you feel. The slim cut provides a flattering shape and a modern marl pattern gives your casual ensembles a slick, contemporary edge.

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