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UNIQLO's Fall/Winter line is here.

As the seasons shift, the sun retires for another year and the leaves fall brown and crispy to the ground, we collectively turn to our wardrobes and reconsider our clothing options for the coming months. Colder temperatures, darker evenings and wetter weather don’t have to mean doom and gloom until next Spring. Put your stamp on the second half of the year and cross the calendar’s finish line in effortless style – embrace warm autumnal hues, indulge in luxurious knit materials and layerup with elegant savoir-faire. Make this Fall/Winter season yours.

Flick through this carefully curated collection of UNIQLO’s Fall/Winter line – featuring must-have essentials and unique inspiration pieces throughout.

Extra Fine Merino Knitwear

Our Extra Fine Merino jumpers and cardigans boast soft, cosy warmth in a gamut of sleek colours. Anti-pilling processing ensures that the smooth material finish stays that way throughout the colder seasons.

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Cashmere Knitwear

Indulge in pure luxury. Our 100% cashmere knitwear feels just as good as it looks, so you can slip into a little something stylish and sophisticated, whatever your day has in store.

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3D Knitwear

UNIQLO’s everyday essentials are constantly evolving thanks to innovations in our design and production technologies. Introducing: 3D knit. Slip into a three-dimensionally crafted knit dress or jumper, made from a single thread to provide a unrivalled drape and comfortable, seamless fit.

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Learn more about what makes our 3D knitting process so special.

Ultra Light Down Coats & Jackets

So light, you’ll forget you put it on. So warm, you’ll be glad you did.

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Learn more about how our Ultra Light Down can keep you warm and comfortable throughout the seasons.

Seamless Down Coats & Jackets

Our Seamless Down outerwear ensures cold wind and chilly precipitation remain firmly shut out thanks to clever stitch-free designing.

Ideal for fresh days and challenging winters alike.

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Blocktech Coats & Jackets

Water-repellent, windproof and effortlessly stylish.

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Learn how a Blocktech coat or jacket can improve your daily routine

HEATTECH Innerwear

Get ahead of the cold this winter time and start your preparation below your outfit with our insulating range of HEATTECH innerwear. HEATTECH uses moisture released by the body to generate new warmth and keep you cosy in the face of challenging climes.

Three gauges of HEATTECH offer temperature regulation to varying degrees. Choose from regular HEATTECH, 1.5x thicker Extra Warm HEATTECH and 2.2x thicker Ultra Warm HEATTECH.

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Put indispensable finishing touches on your autumn and winter ensembles with our selection of gloves, designed to provide cosy warmth without sacrificing style.

Indulge in refined, gorgeously knit cashmere in a rainbow of stunning colours to suit every autumnal ensemble.

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When winter weather is less than forgiving, don’t put your neck on the line. Wrap up warm with our selection of elegant and suave scarves, boasting luxurious material construction and a choice of charming, traditional print patterns.

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Flannel Shirts

Time to refresh your basics? Check out our flannel shirts, boasting soft brushed cotton material with classic print designs for an easy-going, casual look.

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Super Non-Iron Shirts

Forget the iron and say goodbye to creases. Look sharper for longer.

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EZY Jeans

The classic look of jeans meets the unmatched feel of joggers.

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EZY Ankle Length Trousers

Opt for a sleek, cropped look - a simple detail for a touch of undeniably fashionable flair.

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No longer is fleece for just for warmth. Explore the UNIQLO range; a refreshing collection which seeks to meld contemporary fashion with classic comfort.

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