Mar 06, 2018 LifeWear
Time to rethink your office wardrobe
Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up and know exactly what you want to wear to work that day? Sadly, few of us are this switched on first thing. We’re not suggesting you should line up your carefully chosen outfits ahead of the week but we do think there’s a way of reviving your tried-and-tested outfits at the office.

Follow our guide of do’s and don’ts for stylish and comfortable workwear Monday to Friday.

DON'T: Assume stylish can’t be practical.

DO: Make comfortable choices.

Take the hassle out of your workwear routine with a wrinkle-resistant blouse that needs a quick burst of steam from the shower to iron out any wrinkles and you're good to go. We recommend a high-rise trouser that sits comfortably on the waist for a secure fit. A sleek and streamlined belt gives the illusion of a put-together look.
She wears: Easy Care Rayon Blouse, Smart Style Ankle Length Trousers.

DON’T: Underestimate the power of a blazer.

DO: Opt for the perfect fit.

You'll find few items as versatile as a blazer. Part of its appeal lies in its day-to-night dress code. We've made ours sleek and fitted but with plenty of stretch so you can move around without a care in the world (except for when those invoices suddenly need preparing).

She wears: Stretch Jacket, Smart Style Ankle Length Trousers.

DON’T: Get stuck in a routine.

DO: Mix it up with a shirt dress.

For those of you who are yet to discover the effortless appeal of a shirt dress then this one's for you. Combining the crispness of a cotton shirt with the clean, tailored lines of chinos, this singular piece keeps things smart but simple.

She wears: Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt Dress.

DON’T: Forget the humble cardigan.

DO: Invest in layers.

If part of your working day is getting on and off tubes, running for the bus or battling with the air conditioning then you'll understand the importance of layers. Consider a light merino cardigan that's breathable, airy and adapts to the temperature or quick-drying T-shirts that wick away sweat.

She wears: Extra Fine Merino Cardigan, Belted Wide Cropped Trousers.