Feb 04, 2018 LifeWear
Your hunt for the perfect shirt is over
Whether you’re 18 or 80, a white shirt will always be a cornerstone of your wardrobe. Whether you whip it out for the office on a daily basis or only clock it when dinner dates and weddings call, a crisp white shirt is a necessity in every modern man’s life.

From summer linens to winter plaid, you might have worked your way through a few shirts over the years but if you only have one killer style in your possession – make it a super non-iron.

What’s a super non-iron you ask? It’s a game changing shirt made from wrinkle-resistant cotton that requires zero effort to look good and maintain. Just throw it in the wash and give it a light iron from time to time and it's good to go.
Yes, it really is that easy.

Whether you’re a busy man on a time schedule or you just like to keep a secret stash of shirts at the office for when you need them most, this tailored style is an effortless choice.

Plus, to make it work for you, we’ve designed it with three collar styles that suit any and every occasion. Choose button-down for everyday looks, semi-wide for the office and the regular option for everything in between.

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