Jan 09, 2018 LifeWear
Sportswear you can wear anywhere.
If you’ve ever dreamt of having a more streamlined wardrobe then you’re probably already well aware of the benefits of athleisure. After all, what’s better than wearing your favourite sweatshirt straight from the studio to the street?

That’s why we’ve specially designed high-performance sportswear that you can wear around the clock. Blurring the line between style and function, these are the pieces you can wear whether you’re relaxing at home, hitting the gym or out for coffee.


With all the stretching that comes with an early morning yoga session it makes sense to invest in a pair of sleek and stylish leggings. The best thing about UNIQLO’s AIRism range is that it wicks away sweat and dries quickly – keeping you cool and allowing you to flit between the studio and the park with total ease.

She wears: Blocktech Parka, Cotton Twill Cap, Pocketable Bag, DRY-EX Crew T-shirt, AIRism Leggings Pants.

FYI: while you’re half way between cooling down and hitting the outdoors, throwing on a wind-proof Blocktech parka offers protection from the chill.

She wears: Blocktech Coat, Cotton Twill Cap, Pocketable Bag, DRY-EX Crew T-shirt, AIRism Leggings Pants.


Remember the days when you suffered for fashion? Well those days are a thing of the past. Practical, stylish coats that battle wind, rain and snow but still look on-point are a necessity in every modern woman’s wardrobe.

Understated and elegant, but with wind and rain-blocking properties, this new addition to our Blocktech range slots seamlessly between weekend walks and coffee breaks with colleagues.

She wears: Blocktech Soutien Collar Coat, AIRism Leggings Pants, AIRism UV Cut Mesh Hoodie, DRY-EX Crew T-shirt.

Question - is a wardrobe really a wardrobe if it doesn’t include at least one super soft hoodie? We don’t think so. But then again we don’t think a hoodie should be anything less than breathable, perfectly fitted and lined for comfort. This style lets you transition back and forth from working out to hanging out.

She wears: DRY Sweat Full Zip Hoodie, AIRism active bra camisole. High Waist Dry Stretch Tucked Skirt.


Everyone knows that the most important part of a sports kit is a supportive bra and one that moves with you, wicks away sweat and fights odour is just the cherry on top.

Hit that training session with full force in a bra that will take you from high intensity workouts to a casual stroll and if you love working out in the open air, an Ultra-Light Down jacket will keep you warm without getting in the way.

Plus, it looks pretty cool.

She wears: Ultra Light Down Jacket, AIRism Racer Back Bra, DRY-EX Ultra Stretch Short Pants, UV Cut AIRism Leggings Pants.


If you’d love to tackle the commute on bike there’s no reason to hold back when you’re well equipped. A light and stretchy Blocktech parka won't get in the way or add any heavy layers when it’s not needed.

She wears: Blocktech Parka, High Waist Chino Wide Leg Pants, Cotton Cashmere Ribbed Sweater.

With high-tech capabilities, it allows moisture to escape without letting in the wind or rain. It also helps that this sleek, minimalist style will suit any occasion.

She wears: Blocktech Coat, Compact Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt, Ultra Stretch Jeans, EFM V neck.


If you love nothing more than a high incline in the great outdoors then a light layer of protection that keeps the sweat under control and the rain off your back is essential. You’ll hardly feel it with this barely-there parka. We love this packable style that’s easy to stash away when it’s not in use.

She wears: Pocketable Parka, DRY-EX Ultra Stretch Ankle Length Pants.

She wears: Blocktech Parka, DRY-EX Ultra Stretch Ankle Length Pants, DRY-EX Crew T-shirt.

Ready to build your athleisure wardrobe?

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