Ultra Light Down

Perfect for transitional seasons or layered under a winter coat, the Ultra-Light Down combines style and technology for the ultimate compact jacket.

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The elimination of down packs greatly contributes to the lightness of Ultra Light Down. It is a revolutionary form of outerwear, crafted with the latest technology, that captures body heat keeping you warm without weight.

Ultra Light Down


Each Ultra Light Down item comes with a small pouch that is no larger than a small tablet device. It is mobile wear that can be rolled up and carried with you wherever you go no matter what the season, the environment, or your style may be.

Using the same technology and our Ultra-Light Down jackets, our vests are even more versatile, providing a light alternative to a coat, while packing down to a small carriable pouch for ultimate on the go outerwear.

Style and technology come together to create a lightweight and compact jacket, ideal for layering under coats or as transitional outerwear.

Experience exceptional warmth with our Ultra-Light Down coats and parkas, combining stylish design with clever insulating construction.

If you want all of the warmth of a toasty down layer but none of the hefty weight that comes with it just look to our Ultra Light Down range of jackets and coats. Insulated with down, each piece can be stashed in its accompanying tablet-sized pouch when not in use – making it the ultimate travel companion. Available in a range of wearable shades that work with everything you already own, take your pick from our sleeveless, hooded, collarless or wind-breaking turtle neck designs.