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Men's Underwear, Briefs & Boxer Shorts

When it comes to comfort, it’s what’s underneath that counts. UNIQLO’s range of men’s underwear offers all varieties of fits, shapes and styles for all varieties of gentleman. Choose classic comfort with our Supima cotton briefs. Opt for sleek style with low rise, regular rise and trunk fit boxer shorts. Be prepared for high performance with our supercharged AIRism boxers. All our men’s underwear comes in a wide range of patterns and colours to suit your wardrobe, whatever your taste.

Mix and match Men's Boxer Shorts & Briefs with 2 pairs for £9.90 (excluding AIRism styles)



When it comes to complete comfort, it’s what’s underneath that counts. Explore our range of flexible, innovative and breathable underwear for men and refresh your everyday staples. From flexible men’s briefs and boxers to thermal leggings and long johns, our collection keeps you comfortable all year round. Discover our innovative and high-performing technologies to suit the season, with cool touch AIRism and quick-drying DRY-EX.


There’s a style of boxer shorts for every man. Whether you prefer the casual, flattering look of a low-rise shape, the classic comfort of regular rise or the tighter, fitted finish of boxer trunks, UNIQLO’s collection of men’s boxer shorts lets you choose the cut that cuts it for you.


You can’t go wrong with a classic. Designed for all-round comfort, our range of men’s briefs function perfectly as a supportive layer beneath your everyday clothing. Boasting Supima cotton construction to carry you comfortably through your daily routine, these briefs offer a great fit without bunching, whether you’re standing, sitting or on the move.


Made to feel lighter and dry quicker than ever, our men’s AIRism boxer shorts offer 20% greater breathability thanks to improved comfort conditioning technology. Enhanced with odour-neutralising properties, these boxer shorts are ideal for warmer climes and intense activity thanks to the ventilated comfort they provide for your day-to-day.


Take on cold weather with confidence thanks to our range of men's thermal leggings, tights and bottoms designed with powerful HEATTECH technology. These long johns generate warmth from moisture released by the body in a lightweight design to provide invisible heat from within while remaining breathable. Discover three grades of warmth for every situation, including HEATTECH Jersey for everyday wear, HEATTECH Extra Warm for more challenging days and HEATTECH Ultra Warm for extreme cold conditions.


Outfit your wardrobe with our range of men's thermal innerwear armed with HEATTECH technology, providing reliable warmth in a lightweight, breathable design. Opt for a pair of insulating thermal tights or long johns to complete your cold-weather line-up.


Cool off on warm days with our innovative range of AIRism innerwear. Highly breathable, moisture wicking and quick-drying, this lightweight next-to-skin layer feels like you’re wearing nothing at all: the best way to stay cool when the weather’s not.