Welcome to UT: graphic print collections by UNIQLO. Discover an exciting range of men's printed T-shirts and graphic designs inspired by the brands, franchises, television shows, films and pop culture you already know and love. We believe that a graphic print can be so much more than just a graphic print. We believe that the right printed T-shirt can express exactly who you are and what you love. Find the designs that speak for you and wear your world with UT.

At UNIQLO, we’re constantly striving to further our sustainability initiatives, which is why we’re partnering with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI*) to improve cotton farming globally.

Team Pixar

PIXAR's popular characters gather under the theme of 'teamwork' -- we're calling it 'TEAM PIXAR'! This special collection expresses the importance of friendship and forming bonds with fun pop T-shirt designs.


Manga and anime have been an integral part of people’s childhoods and our collections of printed T-shirts for men and women give you the chance to relive yours. Rediscover some of your favourite characters from famous magazines like Weekly Young Jump and Ribon with stories like Tokyo Ghoul, Marmalade Boy, The Genius Bakabon and many more…

The Brands Music

A UT collaboration that celebrates the musical instrument brands that continue to provide people all over the world with the joy of playing and listening to music.

Mickey Aloha

The popular Disney characters we all know and love take a vacation to Hawaii in this fun collection for all the family. Discover graphic prints featuring Mickey Mouse wearing vibrant hibiscus-patterned trousers and Minnie Mouse with a lei around her neck.


Ultraman is a science fiction television series created by Eiji Tsuburaya, who was known as the 'King of Tokusatsu' (live action films or TV dramas that use special effects). The Ultraman series has been going for more than 50 years, with numerous other productions including Ultra Q and Ultraman (1966) and Ultraman Taiga (2019). This commemorative UT collection features different iterations of Ultraman, his fellow heroes and the monsters they fought.


Science Fiction movies continue to draw attention and stir viewers’ imaginations through their futuristic viewpoints of the world and its technologies. This UT collection features prints, scenes and quotes from some of the most iconic sci-fit movies ever made.


UT has miraculously made a collaboration with this talented duo a reality. The sensibilities of the contemporary artist and musician, each prolific at the highest level worldwide, have been fused together through fashion, in turn providing us with new discoveries in each of their visions.


The Minions are back! Join everyone's favourite villainous yellow sidekicks once again with this fun collection of printed T-shirts that celebrates the release of 'Minions: The Rise Of Gru'.


Celebrate the magic of Pokémon with two new UT collections of graphic printed T-shirts. 'With Pokémon' represents Pokémon's key philosophies - adventure, discovery and friendship, while Daniel Arsham’s reinterpretation sees Pikachu, Mewtwo and Ash Ketchum transformed into sculptures dated 1000 years in the future.


To celebrate the release of "Evangelion 3.0+1.0", the fourth and final movie in the Evangelion series, we're releasing a special UT collection of men's T-shirts printed with exclusive designs, including animators' drawings and special artwork from the movie.


Since its creation in 1985, Super Mario has been loved by people all around the world and beyond the boundaries of the game. Our UT collection celebrates Super Mario Bros' 35th anniversary and features graphic prints of everyone’s favourite hero.

GUNPLA 40th Anniversary

Discover our collection of graphic prints of popular Gunpla motifs. Gunpla (short for Gundam plastic models) are the 3D model kits that appear in the fictional multiverse within the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ series. These kits have become popular among fans of Mecha Anime and have sold more than 500 million units since its release in 1980.

Nippon Miyage

Climb Mt. Fuji, visit Shibuya Crossing or learn how to eat sushi with our latest UT collection, featuring a selection of Japan’s famous sights and motifs in original graphics that are full of personality.

The Brands Car

Rediscover some of your favourite car logos and the brands behind them with our collaborative collection of printed T-shirts.

Shodo Art

Enjoy the beauty of traditional Japanese calligraphy, known as Shodo, with our collection of men’s T-shirts featuring the work of three famous calligraphers: Hakuju Kuiseko, Hironobu Kukita and Housui Yamaguchi.


Developed in collaboration with NANZUKA art gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo, the Neo-Miyage UT collection features a collection of work by contemporary artists showcasing Japan's iconic motifs from a unique perspective.

The Brands Masterpiece

Our latest UT collaboration celebrates a few instantly recognisable logos and the internationally renowned brands behind them. Choose from a range of graphic printed T-shirts featuring vibrant motifs and products you know and love.

Keith Haring | Jean-Michel Basquiat - Crossing Lines

Inspired by the National Gallery of Victoria’s Crossing Lines exhibition featuring the intersection of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s lives, practices, and ideas.

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