Welcome to UT: graphic print collections by UNIQLO. Discover an exciting range of men's printed T-shirts and graphic designs inspired by the brands, franchises, television shows, films and pop culture you already know and love. We believe that a graphic print can be so much more than just a graphic print. We believe that the right printed T-shirt can express exactly who you are and what you love. Find the designs that speak for you and wear your world with UT.

Edo Ukiyo-e

Discover a unique T-shirt collection featuring Japanese colour woodblock prints from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. These historical designs were crafted by ukiyo-e artists who flourished during the late Edo period in Japan. From the 1860s onwards, these prints gained popularity among European artists and art collectors, giving rise to their continued influence on Western visual culture.

Star Wars Forever

Over 40 years since its beginning, “The Skywalker Saga” is finally coming to an end with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. UNIQLO proudly presents a special UT collection to celebrate the release of this iconic new film. All of these unique pieces of artwork illustrated by acclaimed artists from Japan, the US and the UK express the stories of the Star Wars universe in their own ways.

Disney Stories

Recapture the important youthful experience of reading an exciting storybook with our new Disney Stories UT Collection. We hope that everyone of every gender or generation remembers their own stories through this collection, passing these meaningful experiences onto the next generation.

Dragon Ball

“Dragon Ball” is a globally beloved manga that has been adapted into an iconic television anime. The show tells the story of good-humoured and lovable heroes who embark on an epic quest to source the seven Dragon Balls. Celebrate the moments, characters and adventures that have defined the franchise with this brand new UT collection.

Omotenashi Wagashi

Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets offered as a symbol of Omotenashi (hospitality). This unique and colourful UT collection features designs inspired by timeless Wagashi loved by countless generations.

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Color & Rhythm

Carmen Herrera, Lygia Pape, and Hélio Oiticica used geometric shapes and colours to bring their work to life with energy and beauty. The Color & Rhythm UT range includes works from the Museum of Modern Art collection.

Marvel Sweatshirts

For almost 80 years, Marvel has been creating superheroes recognised the world over for their inspirational character and fascinating stories. Many of Marvel’s iconic characters were created during the Marvel Age of American Comics and have become timeless pop culture icons loved and recognised by fans of all ages from all corners of the planet.

Marvel Retro Gaming

The Marvel Retro Gaming collection is inspired by the vintage arcade experience and the art designs which characterised classic video games. Celebrate Marvel’s 80th anniversary with this unique blast from the digital past.

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Mickey Art

UNIQLO has invited acclaimed artists and illustrators to reinterpret iconic Mickey Mouse imagery in their own distinct style. This is Mickey like you’ve never seen him before; reimagined in new and original artwork exclusive to UNIQLO.

The Brands Outdoor

A collection of collaborations featuring iconic logos and designs from famous outdoor brands.

Keith Haring Party of Life

During the 1980s, iconic artist Keith Haring created unique invitations for parties and events in New York City. This exciting UT collection uses these artworks as inspiration for brand new T-shirt designs; from invitations to the famous Party of Life to events at the Paradise Garage, these graphic prints represent a unique and important aspect of art history.

Andy Warhol So Warhol

Warhol’s timeless artwork and evocative ideas continue to have a profound influence on the modern day world. This unique UT collection draws inspiration from Warhol’s whimsical “So” illustrations and celebrates the fantastically pop-art universe of Warhol's creation which endures even today.


VERDY is a Japanese graphic designer and founder of VK DESIGN WORKS. He is most known for his iconic label “Girls Don’t Cry” and is currently working on numerous exciting fashion and design projects worldwide.

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The Game Classic Pixels

A brand new printed T-shirt collection which pays homage to a host of hugely influential and enduringly popular video games developed in the 80s and 90s, including Tetris™, PAC-MAN, Bomberman, Contra, Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog and Puyo Puyo.

Lion King Collection

UNIQLO proudly presents The Lion King Collection; a series of original designs centred around an inspired 'Circle of Life' theme. Embrace the essence of The Lion King with graphic prints featuring iconic scenes from the franchise, incorporating familiar faces and evocative vistas of animals in the African savannah.

SPRZ: Jean-Michel Basquiat

An icon of New York in the 1980s, Jean-Michel Basquiat became renowned during his short career for works inspired by his early street art and a distinctive iconography often connected to art history. His paintings, drawings, and prints drew on a diverse range of sources, from African, Aztec, and Greek cultures to Americana in the form of jazz, baseball, and social and political events.

SPRZ: Eames

Charles and Ray Eames rank among the most influential and important designers of the 20th Century. Perhaps best known for their furniture, the Eameses created landmark contributions in architecture (The Eames House), films (Powers of Ten), exhibitions, toys, graphics and much more - expressions of their rigorous and generous design philosophy. Founded in 1941 with Charles and Ray’s earliest experiments, today’s Eames Office stands for authenticity and is dedicated to communicating, preserving and extending the Eames work.

SPRZ: Sol LeWitt

A key figure in the development of conceptual art in the 1960s, Sol LeWitt set out “to recreate art, to start from square one.” To LeWitt, this meant prioritising an idea over its execution. He explored systems for testing these ideas by manipulating geometric forms and linear patterns to create ephemeral sculptures and structures.

SPRZ: Keith Haring

A key figure in New York's East Village scene in the late 1970s and 80s, American artist Keith Haring's artwork populated not only art galleries, but also the cities subways, streets, and sidewalks. An icon of counterculture and contemporary social commentary, he took inspiration from graffiti, pop art and the underground culture of the world around him.

City Stories

Pay homage to your favourite city with a collection designed to celebrate the history, iconography and unique charm of some of the world's most popular destinations, including London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and more!

Makoto Shinkai Films Collection

Celebrated filmmaker, animator and director Makoto Shinkai has achieved global recognition for both his acclaimed feature length film 'Your Name' and for his newest project 'Weathering With You'. This UT collection pays homage to these unique and breathtaking worlds by incorporating symbols, motifs and imagery from Shinkai's work into exciting T-shirt designs.

Weekly Shonen Magazine 60th

A collection of exclusive new UT T-shirt designs featuring all your favourite scenes, characters and moments from world-famous Japanese Mangas!

Kaws Summer

Back for an encore! Select pieces from our popular KAWS: SUMMER collection have returned to UT! Follow BFF and COMPANION in this collection of unique T-shirt and tote bag designs.


UT is excited to launch a brand new One Piece T-shirt collection to celebrate the release of 'One Piece: Stampede', the latest theatrical film addition to the globally popular franchise. This collection even features a Pirates Fest logo T-shirt as worn by Tony Tony Chopper in the film!

UTGP 2019 Pokémon

We are delighted to present the winning designs of our UTGP 2019 Pokemon competition! Ever since 2005, the UT Grand Prix has invited the public to get creative with characters from Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and other brands to create interesting T-shirt designs. Winning submissions are made into exciting UT Graphic Print T-shirts. This year's competition theme was Pokemon and these are the awesome winners as chosen by a panel of judges. Which is your favourite?


UNIVERSTAR BT21 is a collaborative project with UT.

The Brands feat. Fender

With an illustrious history dating back to 1946, instrument and amplifier manufacturer Fender has transformed the face of music worldwide in genres as diverse as rock ’n’ roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues and many others.


Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the hugely popular animated TV series and manga 'One Piece'. Since its creation in 1999, the series has garnered a massive international following, producing several hit 'One Piece' films in the process. The original manga, written by Eiichiro Oda, today remains a regular title in Weekly Shonen Jump. 'One Piece' stands as one of the world's most beloved entertainment franchises with an ever-growing, captive young audience.


PARK Social Soccer Co. is a brand founded in 2015 with the objective of helping disadvantaged kids achieve their true potential through the sport they love -- football. UNIQLO is proud to announce this brand new collaborative collection with PARK SSC, designed to celebrate women's football and deliver the message that the sport truly can change the world.

Pixar Vacation

Bring your favourite PIXAR characters with you on holiday and celebrate the Summer with familiar faces! Discover brand new T-shirt designs inspired by the best of PIXAR in this exclusive collection.


Discover a UT collection inspired by world famous characters from popular manga series. An integral part of entertainment and culture in Japan, manga are visual narratives which tell stories around a variety of imporant themes and ideas, including everything from childlike wonder and heroic adventure.

The Brands HAWAIIAN Loco

Experience the unique beauty of Hawaii with this brand new The Brands collaborative collection. These graphic print designs draw inspiration from a selection of Hawaii's most popular brands, recognised and loved by locals and tourists alike.


Paying homage to internationally renowned artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker Katsushika Hokusai, this collection reimagines a timeless sense of Japanese beauty in modern form.


A collection which combines the individual philosophies, imagery and ideas of Japan's famous sake breweries with the rich and prestigious history of the tradition.

Mickey Stands

UNIQLO is proud to present a brand new collection of Mickey Stands graphic prints, charming designs featuring classic Mickey iconography for fans big and small.

SPRZ: Andy Warhol

As the preeminent American artist of the 20th Century, Andy Warhol challenged the world to see art differently.

Blizzard™ Entertainment

For more than 25 years, Blizzard Entertainment has captured the world's imagination with its award-winning games and franchises, including World of Warcraft™, Overwatch™, Hearthstone™, Diablo™, StarCraft™, and Heroes of the Storm™.

Girl Skateboards

In 1993, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze and Megan Baltimore founded the Girl Skateboard Company. Devoted to principles of creativity and having fun from the very beginning, Girl Skateboards has for decades showcased the world’s best skateboarders, creative personalities and graphics. Pay homage to the quintessential skateboard brand with this new graphic print clothing collection.

Master of Graphics Star Wars

The Star Wars universe has inspired creative minds all over. Three legends of Japanese streetwear pay homage to a galaxy far, far away in this special UT collection.


Discover an exclusive Marvel collection as drawn by popular New York-based artist Jason Polan. This collection is inspired by Marvel's greatest artists, who have influenced Polan since he was young.

The Game By Street Fighter

Celebrate the continuing legacy of legendary fighting video game Street Fighter by Capcom. Originally debuting in arcades in 1987, the franchise went on to achieve global popularity with a series of revolutionary games, making history today as one of the most influential video game franchises of all time.

Super Mario Family Museum

Since its historic debut in 1985, Super Mario has entertained, delighted and challenged fans all over the world. Celebrate the legacy of one of the most important video game franchises of all time with this brand new Super Mario Family Museum graphic print collection, which pays homage to well-loved characters and moments from Mario's generations-long story.

Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary

Mobile Suit Gundam celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019. The globally successful television series and the universe it explores continues to inspire adventure in children and adults alike, thanks to its compelling storylines and roster of unique characters.


These freestyle graphic print designs capture all the intense, ink-splatting action of Nintendo's popular Splatoon series - ideal for eager Inklings big and small!

Mickey Blue

Discover a brand new Mickey Mouse collection illustrated in charming shades of indigo and ocean blue, providing new and refreshing takes on timeless, globally recognised iconography.

The Game By Monster Hunter

Bring the epic battle between hunter and monster to the familiar confines of your wardrobe with this exciting collection celebrating the continued success of Capcom's Monster Hunter video game series.

The Brands Masterpiece

A brand collaboration project with internationally familiar brands incorporating their renowned "masterpieces" and logos.

The Brands feat. Volkswagen

Celebrate the heritage of German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen, an icon of the automotive industry who are today recognised as one of the world's most innovative and unique brands.

Minions Every Day's A Weekend

Every day is a weekend when you're hanging out with your favourite Minions! Explore a unique collection designed to celebrate the Minions' mischievous and adventurous lifestyle.


Pieter Ceizer is a Dutch typographer and artist living and working in Paris. His work varies from minimalist script design to dynamic and colorful abstract compositions. Ceizer’s skillful play of written words brings a balanced mix of humor, poetry and empowerment. Exclusively for UNIQLO, Ceizer designed the ‘No Worries Club’ collection, celebrating free spirit and positivity.

The Brands Bicycle

A collaborative graphic print project which celebrates the timeless value of the bicycle by paying homage to Europe and Asia's leading bicycle manufacturers.

LINE Friends

LINE FRIENDS is a global character brand, featuring 11 charming characters originally created as stickers for the mobile messenger application LINE, which boasts more than 200 million active users worldwide.

SPRZ: Supergeometric Dusen Dusen

Ellen Van Dusen is the founder and designer of Dusen Dusen, a home textiles and clothing line based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is characterized by bold, colourful patterns inspired by fine art, commercial and naive design, as well as the brain’s reaction to colour, contrast and movement.

SPRZ: Supergeometric George Sowden

Designer and product developer George Sowden was born in Leeds, UK in 1942. At the age of twenty-eight, he moved to work in Milan, where he opened his own design studio. In 1981, he became one of the founding members of the Memphis Group, a postmodern design and architecture group. In 2010, he started the company Sowden - his own-name brand. His prolific work with pattern and decoration stretches back to the 1970s and continues even today.