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    The UNIQLO UK Affiliate Programme gives you the opportunity to partner with one of the world’s most exciting and innovative brands that is constantly evolving.

    Key Demographics:

    • Male and Female
    • Wide age range, 16 - 96!
    • Fashion conscious
    • Value quality

    What are the benefits of becoming an Affiliate?

    As a UNIQLO affiliate you will earn at least 3% commission every time a visitor originating from your site makes a purchase on the UNIQLO UK store. To help you succeed in our programme, we have a dedicated account management team to support you. We frequently update our banners and text links to feature our top selling products and provide you with the latest news about our program via weekly email updates. Bloggers can also benefit from UNIQLO's extensive advertising and promotional activity, including PR and video content.


    • 3% base commission
    • 30 return days
    • Exclusive information, press invites and content
    • Product feed updated every 24 hours
    • Regular incentives and offers

    How do I begin?

    Registration is free - just visit Affiliate Window to begin

    Search Policy:

    Affiliates are not allowed to bid on the brand name UNIQLO, or on misspellings of it, in any search engine. Affiliates are also not allowed to use the client's display urls:

    Any affiliate found to be in breach of these terms will be put through a suspension process and have commissions withheld or unpaid. For full terms, please see our terms & conditions when joining us through Linkshare.

    Contact Us:

    If you have any questions about partnering with UNIQLO, please contact us at

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