The New Pastels

Spring has not yet sprung, but it’s never too early to start thinking about longer days, lighter mornings and fresher outfits. As the world around us begins to change, we turn collectively to our wardrobes in the hope of inspiring a similar transformation in our day-to-day ensembles. Welcome to Spring at UNIQLO. Discover all that is new in fit, form and function with sharp shapes, smart-casual styling and premium fabrics. Discover all-new materials, all-new innovations and all-new fetching favourites.

But this season brings the promise of so much more than just new. Embrace the blank canvas of a new year and illustrate your wardrobe with a palette of sleek and charming colour. From versatile pastels to timeless mid-tones, usher in the new decade with style and let 2020 be the year you show your true colours.

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