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  • Roger Federer and LifeWear

    A lazy image

    Roger Federer's off-court style

    We caught up with Roger Federer, newly retired from professional tennis and relaxing in his hometown of Zurich, Switzerland.

    “My style," Roger told us, "tends toward simple, muted tones and classic looks. That’s me.”
    It certainly seems to fit his approach to life. Let’s spend a little time seeing what Roger is up to.

    Roger's LifeWear moments: happiness, made simple.

    Roger shows us four simple joys that make him happy, and the LifeWear he turns to for comfort, style, and classic design, made modern.

    Roger's LifeWear edit

    The great outdoors

    One of the things Roger loves most about his home is how easy it is to get out into nature.
    “Hearing the birds, breathing the fresh air, it’s magic,” Roger told us.

    For these outings into the elements, Roger always combines impeccable style with comfort.

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    Adventures in books

    Roger loves reading.

    “A good book is like a journey,” he told us.

    You can never tell where a book will take you and Roger wants to look good when he arrives.

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    Fun and games

    Not surprisingly, Roger is an excellent ping pong player. His style—relaxed but active—fits his game.

    Roger loves to work on puzzles. Finding the pattern is almost like meditation—great stress relief and so satisfying. Roger keeps his style on point while he’s puzzling things out.

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    Explore More

    Local treasures

    Listening to him chat with the shopkeeper, we knew he was a regular here. Roger loves to accent a classic look with a simple accessory—like this scarf; both beautiful and functional.

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    The RF collection

    Roger Federer

    Roger Federer

    From Basel, Switzerland, Federer made his ATP Tour debut in 1998. He rose to No.1 in the world in 2004 and kept his position for a record-breaking 237 consecutive weeks. He has won 20 Grand Slam titles, and 8 Wimbledon titles; the most achieved by any player. He continues to be one of the world's most influential figures in sport.

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