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    Jeans for living

    Jeans for living

    Discover the UNIQLO denim collection: thoughtfully designed for everyday life.

    UNIQLO jeans

    The dye

    This blue is filled with the wisdom of over 100 years

    Jeans have been an iconic wardrobe staple for decades. From worker's uniform, to Hollywood appearances, and prominence in the counter-culture movements of the 60s; denim's versatility has seen jeans evolve from a utilitarian essential, to streetstyle, to a mainstream everyday garment, and even an aspirational luxury item. Japanese denim has a reputation among denim lovers for being the best in the world, and is a product category that UNIQLO take pride in producing. Many of our jeans, including our selvedge denim, are made by Kaihara, a denim manufacturer in Hiroshima, who we have been in partnership with since 1998.

    The texture

    Vintage look. Cutting-edge laser treatment.

    Denim has been called out for its heavy impact on the environment, due to the large amount of water needed during the indigo dyeing and washing processes. We tackled this issue head-on with Kaihara, conducting numerous experiments to resolve the challenges one by one, and continue to make improvements, including the introduction of a state-of-the-art laser machine. We have succeeded in reducing the amount of water used during processing by up to 99%.


    Elegant buttons and subtle stitching create a refined look.

    With thoughtfully-positioned back pockets.

    The removable drawstring means these jeans can be worn without a belt for a relaxed look.

    Now with even greater stretch.



    Buttons and stitching are meticulously chosen to complement the vintage look of the denim.

    With a sleek, straight cut from knee to hem.



    With thoughtfully-positioned pockets and back yoke.

    Made from pure cotton denim with an authentic worn look.



    Workwear-style details include front pockets set on the diagonal.

    Sleek wide fit with a gently tapered cut towards the hem.


    Craft and sustainability

    Denim, but not as we know it.

    Masaaki Matsubara, director, Jeans Innovation Centre

    Jody Dailey, women’s denim designer, Jeans Innovation Centre

    In the past, a large amount of water was used in the washing process that is essential to create a premium texture. We needed to make fundamental improvements and introduced a washing machine that allows “ozone gas washing” and “nanobubble washing” that uses virtually no water. By combining these, we succeeded in reducing water usage by up to 99%* while maintaining the quality of jeans. We are now able to finish jeans with approximately one teacup of water.

    Our Jeans Innovation Centre, which launched in 2016, conducts experiments and research to evolve denim. The laser machine that was introduced removes the requirement for manual labour to create distressed denim, and removes the risks caused by chemicals and dust. We now apply data to create a bespoke distressed look for each item, using lasers to create a worn look.

    From manual to machine processing

    Laser distressing