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    To celebrate the opening of our UNIQLO Princes Street store we have partnered with a cast of Edinburgh locals to showcase our philosophy of LifeWear.

    LifeWear is clothing designed to make everyone’s life better, ingenious in detail, always evolving, designed with life’s needs in mind.

    Nina Nesbitt

    Singer Songwriter

    My name is Nina Nesbitt, and I’m from the Edinburgh suburb, Balerno. As a singer-songwriter and producer, my journey in music has been a whirlwind adventure.

    Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of touring alongside iconic acts such as Coldplay and even featured on Taylor Swift’s personal favourites playlist. I am also passionate about entrepreneurship and founded my own record label, Apple Tree Records.

    Why they love Edinburgh

    I’m so proud to be from Edinburgh and every time I come back I’m reminded how lucky I am. I love bringing friends who have never been and seeing their faces light up when they see how beautiful it is. The people of Edinburgh are some of the nicest I’ve met and it has the ability to feel like a small town in a big city.

    Nina's UNIQLO favourites

    Arran Rahimian


    My name is Arran Rahimian. I work and live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my wife and our two daughters.

    As an artist, I am excited by the unpredictability and rawness of creating artworks. For the past three years, I’ve delved into the pursuit of uncovering beauty in the overlooked. My medium of choice? Reclaimed book covers, I’ve crafted over 100 artworks from these discarded treasures.

    I want to create joyful work that invites the viewers to focus on the beauty of the visual elements: line, colour and texture, without becoming overworked.

    Why they love Edinburgh

    The people, the architecture and the natural landscape that surrounds the city have always kept me so drawn to Edinburgh. The fact that you are just a stones throw away from both the hills and the sea is what makes Edinburgh such a beautiful city to live in.

    Arran's UNIQLO favourites

    Aisha Fatunmbi-Randall

    Marketing & Digital Coordinator at Leith Theatre and Freelance Writer

    I’m Aisha Fatunmbi-Randall, an avid supporter of the Scottish music industry. From a young age, I’ve been immersed in the vibrant world of arts and culture and I have channeled my enthusiasm into my roles as a freelance music journalist and arts venue marketeer, where I work to foster opportunities for musicians and artists across the creative spectrum.

    Why they love Edinburgh

    Edinburgh holds a special place in my heart for numerous reasons, but perhaps the most significant is the city’s remarkable versatility and the opportunities. This city transforms itself to host one of the biggest art’s festivals globally, drawing international audiences to Scotland and providing a stage for artists worldwide. I look for versatility in all aspects of my life, be it in my chosen career, the clothes I wear or even down to the food I enjoy. Edinburgh’s offerings are abundant in creativity and versatility, making it a dynamic and inspiring place to be.

    Aisha's UNIQLO favourites

    Tom Fraser

    Principal of the Chippendale International School of Furniture

    I’m Tom Fraser. I run an international fine furniture making school just outside of Edinburgh. The school is a family-run business that was founded by my father in the mid-80’s and delivers a wide range of courses to students from all over the world. I take great pride in preserving and evolving this traditional craft and am dedicated to imparting these skills to the next generation of furniture makers who pass through our school’s doors.

    In my free time, I love making mid-century chairs and weaving them with Danish paper cord to create unique and elegant pieces.

    Why they love Edinburgh

    I love Edinburgh because it’s small yet mighty, packed with culture and heritage. It has fantastic restaurants and nightlife and it’s great that you can walk everywhere. The architecture is truly stunning with the smart Georgian New Town in contrast with the rugged, ancient Old Town.

    Tom's UNIQLO favourites

    Dr. Stacey Hunter

    Design Curator and Creative Director of Local Heroes & Dundee Design Festival

    I’m Dr. Stacey Hunter. I’m a designer and originally from Glasgow, but after studying at DJCAD and the University of Edinburgh, I decided to stay here in the capital. I founded Local Heroes in 2016 to bring the work of Scotland’s most talented, contemporary designers to a wider audience, at home and internationally. As an independent design curator, I partner with a variety of organisations from airports to museums showcasing design in unexpected ways.

    Why they love Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is such a beautiful and walkable city and it’s filled with secret gardens, historic architecture and stunning views out across the coastline. Where else in the world does the city centre play host to a castle, an extinct volcano, a palace and a parliament? The spacious Princes Street Gardens were created in the 1820s and are my main route from my studio to meetings or social events in other parts of the city. I love to see the seasons change through the planting there and to do a little window-shopping in between appointments. I also met my husband in Edinburgh and we recently got married on a perfect summer’s day at The Edinburgh Grand. We partied all weekend on the roof terrace with our nearest and dearest and I’ve never appreciated the city’s special views and character so much!

    Stacey's UNIQLO favourites

    TJ Littlejohn

    Head of Advocacy & Experience at The Glenmorangie Company

    My name is TJ, I’m 35 years old, half Japanese, half Scottish and a whisky enthusiast. I’ve grown up wearing UNIQLO and have always loved the quality of their clothing. I’m active so I need clothing that’s slightly more hard wearing.

    Looking at my inspirations, it’s definitely people. I’ve been so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people in the food and drinks industry. An industry that’s constantly trying to better itself through better ingredients, more creative and sustainable techniques.

    Why they love Edinburgh

    I love Edinburgh for the old and new. In the same stretch of street you can see the castle, a traditional Scottish bag piper in full regalia and a group of artists, skaters or drag artists. What I really love is the hustle and bustle of tourism and the hard-to-find bars hidden in the nooks and crannies of the city.

    TJ's UNIQLO favourites

    Darcie Maher

    Owner / Head Baker at Lannan Bakery

    My name is Darcie Maher, I'm a 26 year old baker from Scotland. I've always been inspired by tradition and nostalgia, whether it be in the food I produce, or the spaces I create. I'm very passionate and driven, and dreamed of opening a bakery since I was younger. It's an honour to be living that dream and sharing it with you.

    Why they love Edinburgh

    Edinburgh has been my home for 11 years now, having moved here from a tiny village in the Scottish Borders to pursue cooking at aged 15. When I was younger we'd visit Edinburgh as a family and its always felt like home. It's a unique and beautiful city, from the top of Arthur's Seat to the shores of Portobello - it's got everything and more. I love the architecture and history most of all, which comes back to tradition and nostalgia once again. It's a place that everyone falls in love with.

    Darcie's UNIQLO favourites

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    Opening offers and events

    Goody bags

    Be one of the first 100 customers to enter the store on Thursday 25th or Saturday 27th April to receive a complimentary UNIQLO Princes Street goody bag!


    Experience a Japanese tea room with Katsure100. Enjoy exquisite teas and home-made cakes at our in-store tea room on the first floor.


    We’ve launched RE.UNIQLO studios so you can enjoy wearing your UNIQLO clothes for longer.

    Your old clothes have another chapter. We’re creating something positive for the future by keeping used clothing in circulation, maximising all the possibilities our clothes have to offer. This is RE.UNIQLO.

    Repair your favourite clothes so you can keep wearing and loving them. Remake them into fresh new items with our clothing alternations. Donate clothes you no longer wear for people in the community who need them. Well-worn clothes are recycled and turned into materials for new clothing and resources. At our RE.UNIQLO studios we’re pursuing a new future for clothes.

    Learn more

    Store information

    UNIQLO Princes Street, 64 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2DJ, UK