As long as your bottoms are from UNIQLO, we can provide standard alterations.

£19.90 or moreFREE
Less than £19.90£3.00


How much is your alterations service?

Alterations are free on all bottoms priced £19.90 and above at the time of purchase. For all bottoms priced under £19.90, the cost of an alteration is £3.00 per pair.

Please note that each individual pair of jeans will need to be priced at £19.90 for you to be eligible for a free alteration. Therefore, if you buy multiple pairs of jeans / trousers which individually are less than £19.90, but collectively subtotal at more than £19.90, you will not be eligible for a free alteration, and will need to pay £3.00 for each pair of jeans / trousers you would like altered.

Do you only do alterations on jeans?

We offer length alterations on all UNIQLO bottoms. Apart from jeans; this includes chinos, trousers and easy leggings (leggings trousers). Please note, we do not offer a tapering service.

Do you offer blind stitch alterations?

We now offer blind stitching alterations on all UNIQLO bottoms. Many of our smart, wool trousers feature a blind stitch as standard, so we can now provide a more appropriate alteration for this type of trouser.

Do you offer alterations online?

Currently, we do not. Alterations are only available in our physical stores. Unfortunately, you are unable to book an alteration online and have your jeans / trousers delivered to you in your desired size. You can find a list of all of our stores here. Every single one of our stores offer an alteration service, which is free on all bottoms priced at £19.90 and above.

I bought a pair of jeans from you online and would like them altered. Can I take them to a store for an alteration?

Yes, you can. Just be sure to take your tax invoice with you as proof of purchase. All of our stores offer an alteration service, so you can pop into whichever store is most convenient for you.

Do I need to have my jeans pinned?

If you do not know what length you would like your jeans / trousers altered to, then you can try them on in our store fitting rooms and have one of our customer advisors pin them for you at you desired length. Alternatively, if you know exactly what length you would like your jeans / trousers altered to, you can tell the customer advisor your desired length at the till point as you are booking your alteration.

What do I need to be eligible for an alteration?

If you would like a pair of jeans altered that you have not yet paid for, you will need to either have them pinned or know the exact length you would like them altered to. If you would like a pair of jeans altered that you have already paid for and have not yet worn, you will need your original purchase receipt, along with them having been pinned or you knowing exactly what length you want them altered to.

Do you offer alterations on non UNIQLO jeans and / or trousers?

No, we do not. Our alteration service is exclusively for UNIQLO jeans and trousers only. We will not perform an alteration on any other brand and / or make of jeans or trousers.

I’ve had a pair of UNIQLO jeans / trousers for quite a while now and have decided that I would like to have them altered. Is this possible?

If you still have your receipt from your original purchase of the jeans / trousers and they are un-worn, have not been washed and are in a saleable condition, then yes.

However, if you have already worn your jeans / trousers, we cannot offer an alteration service on them, as the fabric density will differ from a new pair of jeans and can potentially affect the final quality of the alteration.

How long will I have to wait for an alteration?

Times will vary from store-to-store. We always try to offer a same day service where we can, but this is dependent on the volume of alternations a store has to do within a day. Ask a member of staff for how long it will take for your alteration to be done and they will be able to tell you this there and then.

I’ve received an alteration on my jeans / trousers and have changed my mind. Can I return it to a store?

Please be advised that once an item has been altered you are unable to return or exchange this.

Can I have trousers ordered via Click & Collect altered without coming in to store?

Unfortunately not. For security reasons, you will need to come in to store to collect and open your package to ensure that everything has been received correctly. We will also need you to try on your trousers so we can be certain that we alter them to the correct length.