UNIQLO LifeWear Day
Spring/Summer 2017

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Why do we get dressed?

Perhaps we want to try long-sleeved innerwear today because it's a bit cold out. We might be meeting someone new today and have decided to put on a low-key jacket. Or, we simply want to be a little creative and choose clothing that helps us relax.

Our prevailing moods and the environment subtly shape our clothing choices. We may wish to look stylish, feel happy, seem reassured, be upbeat or relax. At UNIQLO, we believe the possibilities are almost infinite.

We create clothes that anyone can wear at any time, just to be themselves. We create clothes people always wear to stay comfortable. And we continue to innovate with contemporary styling that complements individual lifestyles.

UNIQLO has designed its LifeWear to reflect the lifestyles and innermost feelings of wearers so they can enjoy better lives.

The UNIQLO LifeWear Day Spring/Summer 2017 collection.
Immerse yourself in LifeWear's commitment to quality and comfort for everyone, everywhere.


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