We provide 2 options for the gifting service.

Option 1: Gift wrapping
- We will wrap your order and deliver it directly to your intended recipient.
- The price will be removed from the price tags, tax invoice and return form.
- You may choose to print a message on a message card, which will be attached to the parcel.
- There will only be one gift wrapping package (One gift box, inner bag, paper bag and message card ) per order. The size of the gift box will be selected appropriately and you will not be able to indicate the size of the gift box.
- If you only wish to wrap selected products, please separate these items into a single order.
- Cost is $2 per order.
- In select cases, we may not able to pack your order in the gift box, due to the quantity of items or the size of products. We will make alternative arrangements to wrap your order and deliver it to your intended recipient.

Option 2: Gift boxes

- You may select from 3 sizes of gift boxes.
- One gift box, inner bag, paper bag and message card will be included in your order.
- You will need to wrap your order yourself and deliver it to the intended recipient.
- You may choose to print a message on the message card.
- Cost is $2 per order.

How to use Gift service

1.On the checkout screen, select "Gift Service".

2.Select “Gift wrapping” or “Gift boxes”.

-When selecting “Gift wrapping”, the appropriate sized box will be used.
-When selecting “Gift boxes”, please choose from the three sizes.

3.You may choose to attach a “Message card”.

-Indicate the message of your choice to be printed on the message card (within 8 lines and 255 characters including brank spaces).
-If no message is indicated, a blank “Message card” will be attached.

4.The price of the gift set will be displayed on the order screen. Please confirm it before your check out.

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