Women’s Down Volume Jacket


An elegant down jacket in glossy polyester satin featuring an oversized silhouette, high collar and compact shoulders.

Silhouette: A-Line/Cocoon (by tugging the hem drawstring) Fabric: Glossy polyester satin Colour:OFF WHITE,BLACK,NAVY

Key Details: 1. Inner ribbed sleeves 2. Contrasting textures between inner and outer surfaces 3. 2-way fastener for easy styling

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Women’s Pleated Long Skirt


A luxurious skirt crafted from pleated sheer satin that sways beautifully.

Silhouette: Hemline features contrasting lengths to enhance accordion effect Fabric: Beautiful sheer satin Colour:DARK GRAY,BLACK

Key Details: 1. Grosgrain ribbon on belt back surface 2. Invisible fastener to secure wrap skirt 3. Button inside to maintain elegant silhouette

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Men’s Cashmere Blend Full Zip Long Sleeve Hoodie


Full-zip parka with a stylish design that is warm and soft to the touch.

Silhouette: Comfortable and relaxed Fabric: High-quality cashmere and nylon Colour:GRAY,BLACK,NAVY

Key Details: 1. Grosgrain ribon details 2. +J logo on double fastener 3. Stylish Milanese rib knit on hem and sleeves

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Men’s Hybrid Down Oversized MA-1 Blouson


Updated version equipped with functionality and design.

Silhouette: Modern, oversized and voluminous fit Fabric: Glossy nylon Colour:GRAY,BLACK

Key Details: 1. +J print embossed on back collar 2. V-shaped rib sleeves for mobility 3. Extra room in chest pockets

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