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  • AirSense matching separates for men

    Our AirSense matching separates are incredibly lightweight for carefree comfort. An AirSense jacket weighs less than a small bottle of water. Wearing a suit all day will never feel the same again. Designed for easy movement, throwing on an AirSense jacket is as easy as a cardigan, thanks to the stretchy fabric. No more feeling restricted by smart clothing. Our AirSense separates are also quick-drying for easy care. These machine-washable pieces can be left to dry overnight and be ready to wear again the next day. Perfect for when you want to be fresh for your daily commute. Say goodbye to your dry cleaner!

    AirSense separates

    Discover a suit like no other. Whether worn separately or as a matching suit, these outstandingly light and comfortable pieces feel as good as they look.