Girls' Coats & Jackets

Our range of girls' coats and girls' jackets has been designed to provide long-lasting comfort and weather protection in every season. Our stylish selection includes girls' padded jackets for fresh days, handy pocketable parkas for surprise showers on the go and innovative girls' raincoats with BLOCKTECH designs for all-season water repellency and windproofing.

There's nothing more comfortable than a fleece jacket – no wonder it remains a favourite with kids. Made to keep them warm when it's cold outside, these durable designs are especially soft and cozy.

Discover our padded jackets, vests and coats, made to shield kids from the elements. Filled with cosy microfibre padding, these warm and toasty styles shed rain, wind and snow. They come in a wide range of different colours so everybody can pick their favourites.

Our pocketable parkas are the perfect companions. Thanks to their durable waterproof material, they’ll protect kids from rain and wind when the weather won't play along. Lightweight and compact, they’re right there whenever they're needed.