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  • The power of clothing

    Changing our future through
    the power of clothing.

    Beloved for half a century, the cat-type robot Doraemon has come from the future and is
    joining UNIQLO as a global sustainability ambassador.
    He is here to help us make the world a better place for all through the power of clothing.
    For more than 20 years, UNIQLO has been on a path to sustainability.
    As a global company creating responsible clothing, we are committed to a healthy planet, society, and people.
    The earth and humanity are facing serious problems.
    We believe that the time is now to take swift and decisive action to solve these issues — before it’s too late.
    Together, our small steps will lead to big changes.
    Join our new ambassador Doraemon in going green to help transform our future,
    step by step! Are you ready to switch into sustainability mode?

    Our Three Pillars


    UNIQLO (Fast Retailing Group) has adopted a new sustainability mission statement;
    "Unlocking the Power of Clothing".
    With a focus on products, supply chain, employees, stores and communities, we're aiming to change the world for the better through our business.

    Unlocking The Power of Clothing.
    We believe we can turn the power of clothing into a force for good.
    By designing, making and selling good clothing, we can make the world a better place.

    Good clothing means creating simple, high-quality apparel that is made to last.
    It means making clothing that enriches the lives of people who wear it by giving them comfort, protection and pleasure.

    It's produced in a way that is harmonious with nature, without excessive burden on the environment.
    Good clothing is made by people of diverse backgrounds working with energy and enthusiasm, under conditions where their health, safety and human rights are respected and upheld.

    We will extend this same spirit to our customers and all our stakeholders by working with them to aspire to a better society where we all thrive.
    This is our promise: to always work towards a better, more sustainable society.

    Sustainability News


    Our Fluffy Fleece and men’s Fleece Jacket are now made from 100% recycled polyester. Learn how we recycle plastic bottles to create these and our DRY-EX polo shirts.

    Recycling with UNIQLO

    By working with Goods For Good, we're helping to take unwanted clothes and give them to people in need.


    The production of our down outerwear has been certified by the Responsible Down Standard since 2019. Learn how we seek to minimise our impact on wildfowl.