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  • RE.UNIQLO coupon

    Thank you for shopping in-store with us during Arigato Festival.

    Between June 3rd and August 31st, take an item of UNIQLO clothing in need of repair to one of our participating RE.UNIQLO studios.
    Show a member of RE.UNIQLO staff your coupon in the 'My Account' section of the app.
    Get a free repair worth 129 kr, or pay the difference if more.

    Eligible stores: Kungsträdgården

    Valid for one use between June 3rd - August 31st 2024.

    Please note that coupons are not valid for redemption against embroidery services.


    We’ve launched RE.UNIQLO studios so you can enjoy wearing your UNIQLO clothes for longer.

    Your old clothes have another chapter. We’re creating something positive for the future by keeping used clothing in circulation, maximising all the possibilities our clothes have to offer. This is RE.UNIQLO.
    Repair your favourite clothes so you can keep wearing and loving them. Remake them into fresh new items with our clothing alternations. Donate clothes you no longer wear for people in the community who need them. Well-worn clothes are recycled and turned into materials for new clothing and resources. At our RE.UNIQLO studios we’re pursuing a new future for clothes.



    Carefully repair damaged areas so your favourite clothes can be worn and loved for a long time. Our clothes repair services give new life to your old clothing.

    Repair services start from 30 kr


    Remake your UNIQLO clothes into fresh new items or customise them however you like. With our clothing alternations and repurposed clothing options, you can transform used clothes.


    Give your outfits a uniquely personal touch with our in-store embroidery service.

    Embroidery services start from 150 kr


    Sashiko is a form of traditional Japanese embroidery that gives your clothing a uniquely charming and colourful touch.

    Sashiko services start from 150 kr


    Collect clothes that are no longer worn and donate them to people in the community who need them. Our clothing recycling services allow you to donate clothes to those in need if they are still in good condition.


    Unwearable clothes are collected and used as raw materials or recycled into materials for new clothing and energy sources. Rather than disposing of clothing, recycling helps reduce the need for the production of new materials.

    RE.UNIQLO Studios

    Each of our RE.UNIQLO Studios offers a host of different services including repairs and embroidery. Check what your nearest in-store RE.UNIQLO Studio offers below.

    UNIQLO Kungsträdgården

    Embroidery, Sashiko, Reuse, Recycle, Repair