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  • Can your old clothing improve the future? Yes!

    At UNIQLO, we recycle your used garments and turn it into brand new clothing.

    Take our recycled down initiative. We collect UNIQLO down garments from all over the world and transform them into new products. We also work alongside NGOs and partners to distribute wearable used clothing to refugees, disaster victims and others in need worldwide.

    At UNIQLO, we believe in the power of clothing to create a better tomorrow. Our recycling programme is just one part of our sustainability efforts to Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.

    Please join us in our recycling efforts. We—and the planet—thank you.

    A new life for UNIQLO clothing

    We collect secondhand clothes in stores and deliver them to people in need around the world. Alongside the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), NGOs and non-profit organisations, we help to provide emergency clothing aid for refugee camps and disaster areas. Clothing that cannot be reused is recycled. Recently, we have been actively recycling garments into brand new clothing, starting with our down products.


    We collect secondhand clothing that customers no long need in RE.UNIQLO boxes placed in each store.


    We sort donations into clothes that can be reworn and clothes that can be used for another purpose through recycling.


    Clothes are classified into 18 different categories, including season, gender, size, adult, child, climate, culture, or religion to ensure they fulfill each recipient's specific needs.


    Using unique technology developed in collaboration with TORAY, we can recycle down products and feathers into brand new clothing.

    Global Assistance

    We deliver clothing to refugees and displaced people all over the world with specific clothing they'll need. Recycled soundproofing material is sent to factories, while down and feathers are recycled into new clothes.