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  • UNIQLO x Steamery

    DIY clothing repair with UNIQLO

    Learn how to extend the life of your UNIQLO clothes.

    No matter how high the quality of your clothing may be, there may come a time when your favourite item may require a little care and attention. Often, simple repairs such as replacing a lost button, or patching a hole, can be done at home, but without the knowledge, these tasks can seem a little intimidating. With our core products in mind, we’ve created a series of repair videos that guide you through some common repairs to help you extend the life of your favourite UNIQLO items, so that you can enjoy them for longer.

    Thread a needle and tie a knot

    Once you have learnt how to thread a needle and tie a knot, you are ready for the world of hand sewing, and repairing by hand.

    Running stitch

    A simple running stitch can be useful for a variety of repairs.

    Sashiko stitch: visible mending

    Sashiko is a traditional Japanese stitching technique that is both functional and decorative. It can be used to create an intricate embroidered design, or to visibly mend a garment.

    Resew a button

    A loose or missing button doesn't mean you should part ways with your clothing.

    Fix a trouser pocket hole

    A simple technique that uses running stitch to repair the hole in a trouser pocket.

    Repair a down jacket hole

    This method will help extend the life of your down jacket and stop feathers from escaping.