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HEATTECH generates heat from your body

Discover our innovative bio-warming fabric which generates heat without any unnecessary extra weight.
An intelligent design cleverly converts body moisture into valuable heat, ensuring you stay warm throughout the cold season.

Special fibres absorb water vapour from the body and convert it into heat

Mesh construction of micro acrylic air pockets that trap air for insulation

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Three types of HEATTECH to choose from


Everyday wear in winter


Thin yet warm. For winter styling without adding bulk.

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I love this because it's unrestrictive but exceptionally warm.
(Male, 40s)

It's warm and stays sleek under a sweater.
(Male, 50s)

This is a versatile piece for the office, home or anywhere.
(Male, 20s)

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Ideal for Colder Days


1.5 times warmer than HEATTECH Jersey, with an added raised nap lining.

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I am sensitive to cold, but the cold didn't bother me when I wore this for working outdoors.
(Male, 40s)

I've been wearing this as innerwear at home. Although it's thin, it keeps me warm.

(Male, 40s)

It's warm and it feels nice to the touch. I wear it to cycle to school. I like that it's thin and good for layering.
(Male, teens)

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Ideal for extreme cold


Our warmest ever HEATTECH. 2.25 times warmer than HEATTECH Jersey.

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What You Said

I live in a cold region but this keeps me warm, even when spending time outdoors.
(Male, 60s)

One layer of HEATTECH Ultra Warm is plenty warm enough at home. I just need to throw on a down jacket to go out to the store.
(Male, 30s)

I used to always feel cold when riding my bike, but when I wear this it's very warm.
(Male, 40s)

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The secrets of HEATTECH

A. Many years of research have resulted in a fabric that’s moisture-wicking and bio-warming.

Water vapour from the body is absorbed by highly absorbent rayon. The energy from this moisture is converted to heat, giving the fabric itself a unique warming effect.

This image demonstrates how HEATTECH converts a tiny amount of water vapour from your body into heat:


100% Cotton

Note: This image shows the temperature of the HEATTECH fabric. It does not indicate an increase in body temperature.

A. Ultra-fine microfibres create a highly insulating layer of air around the body.

What makes us feel warm? It’s all about stopping warm air from escaping. HEATTECH uses fibres 10x finer than a human hair to create a powerful layer of insulation, preventing warm air from escaping. It’s these fibers that enable such a thin inner layer to provide such good insulation.

Please note: HEATTECH Ultra Warm is not available for babies.

Watch us test the heat retention of our HEATTECH range:

A: Our unique material stretches in all directions for a comfortable fit.

We have developed a specially knitted fabric that moves with your body. Even when you layer up in cold weather, HEATTECH still provides impressive ease of movement and range of motion.

Watch us test the stretch performance of our HEATTECH range:

A. HEATTECH offers three levels of increasing warmth, designed for a wide range of climates and situations.

As well as regular HEATTECH, we also offer HEATTECH Extra Warm, which boasts a raised nap lining making it 1.5x warmer than its regular counterpart. For extremely cold days, there's HEATTECH Ultra Warm; 2.2x warmer than regular HEATTECH and our warmest innerwear ever.

Please note: HEATTECH Ultra Warm is not available for babies.


Regular HEATTECH absorbs moisture released by the body and converts it to heat. Air pockets provide reliable insulation.


Fibres are raised for increased insulation. A soft brushed lining provides an added feeling of cosy warmth.


Fibres are longer and raised even further, making this our most insulating HEATTECH ever.

A. Moisture-wicking performance works to keep you feeling fresh.

HEATTECH fabric is made up of a combination of several different fibres, so it offers much more than just bio-warming performance. It also features a very high number of absorbent fibres, which move moisture and sweat away from your skin to keep you feeling comfortable for longer.

Please note: Functions vary for some products.

Watch us test just how absorbent HEATTECH is:

A. It feels smooth and moisturizing in winter when your skin can get dry. All our HEATTECH products for adults come equipped with moisturizing Argan oil.

Since 2017, we’ve added Argan oil to all our HEATTECH innerwear for adults. Sourced from Morocco, this oil. is known for its moisturizing effect. HEATTECH feels silky and smooth, even in winter when your skin becomes more sensitive.

Note: Functions vary for some products.

Check out our smooth-to-the-touch test for HEATTECH:

A. It’s 17 years since HEATTECH first appeared. We update and improve it every year. Try our most advanced HEATTECH ever!

17 years since its launch, we are constantly making improvements, aiming for "real warmth and real comfort". We update our products every year, based on the feedback we receive from customers. This year, all three levels of adult HEATTECH products contain Argan oil, which customers told us they love. We've also updated details like the stitching. We've added bold new colors to the range, as well as new products like ribbed styles for women. Try our most advanced HEATTECH ever.

Note: BABY products do not contain Argan oil.