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  • AIRism collection

    What is AIRism?

    The secrets behind the technology that works to keep you cool and comfortable

    AIRism's impressive performance is hidden in ultra-fine fibres that absorb and instantly wick away sweat. Say goodbye to stickiness and discomfort this summer.

    Quickly dries sweat.

    With a smooth and soft feel against the skin.

    Underwear & Innerwear


    What makes AIRism so comfortable?

    Functions vary across Discover the collection.

    Absorbs and wicks away sweat.

    Ultra-fine fibres quickly wick away moisture.

    Left: AIRism. Right: cotton

    Stretches for a perfect fit.

    Approximately 2x horizontal stretch and 1.5x vertical stretch*.

    *Based on the Men’s AIRism Crew Neck Short Sleeved T-Shirt

    Anti-odour functionality.

    Helps eliminate unpleasant odours caused by sweat.

    Effective against odours of ammonia, acetic acid, isovaleric acid, and nonenal.

    Smooth texture against the skin.

    Low friction gives a smooth feel.

    Left: cotton. Right: AIRism

    Instant cooling sensation.

    Smooth fabric maximises the transfer of heat away from your skin.