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    Active club


    Level up your workout routine with free training sessions developed with Olympic and Paralympic athletes from UNIQLO TEAM SWEDEN joined by personal trainers and local profiles. Choose from 18 different workouts with everything from Fighting Fun to Power Intervals. Fast, efficient and open to everyone.

    Make sure to explore our new UNIQLO+ collection, as seen on all athletes and profiles.

    Make sure to explore our new UNIQLO+ collection, as seen on all athletes and profiles.

    To get the latest info about the UNIQLO Active Club follow @uniqlo_se and sign up for the UNIQLO newsletter.

    Swim Practice with Maya Nilsen and Lina Watz

    Challenge your coordination and strength

    Fighting Fun with Leslie Tay and Agnes Alexiusson

    Turn up the heat with this powerful "Fighting Fun" session led by Olympic boxer Agnes Alexiusson and music artist Leslie Tay.

    Smashing Stability with Hanapee and Mattias Falck

    Strengthen your core and arms with this "Smashing Stability" session.


    A powerful 6 minute full body workout.

    Push and Pull with Lina Watz

    Explore a Push & Pull training session with Lina Watz, Paralympic swimmer. Bring a rubber band for this fun and varied routine.

    Flex and Stretch with Lina Watz

    Enjoy the Flex & Stretch training session with Lina Watz, Paralympic swimmer. A soft and dynamic full body stretching session.

    Quick combos with Agnes Alexiusson

    Explore Quick Combos training session with Olympic boxer Agnes Alexiusson. Work on your focus, coordination and balance.

    Everyday exercise with Mattias Falck

    Exercise the major muscle groups in your legs and upper body in this next training session with Mattias Falck, Olympic table tennis player.

    Jump up with Linnea Stensils

    Jump Up! With Linnea Stensils, Olympic canoeist. Put your legs and arms to the test with this intense training program.

    Workout For Champions with Agnes Alexiusson

    Explore the Workout For Champions" session with Olympic boxer Agnes Alexiusson. High tempo moves for quick feet.

    Head To Toe with Mattias Falck

    Explore a head to toe training session with Olympic table tennis player Mattias Falck. A full body workout focused on core and balance.

    Short and Sweaty with Linnea Stensils

    Time for some quick push-ups, squats and crunches - Let’s go!

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    Video Library

    Power Intervals with Alex Kessidis

    Lina Watz - Stretch it out

    Be Balanced With Fredrik Bergström

    Alex Kessidis - Build Strength

    Lotta Schelin - Work the core

    Sofia Mattson – Stay Strong

    The athletes

    Linnea Stensils

    Olympic Canoeist

    2016 Olympian

    World Championship K1 200m 2018

    Worldcup, 7th place in Rio 2016

    Bronze Medal, World Championship 2018

    Mattias Falck

    Olympic Table Tennis Player

    Bronze Medal, Men’s Team, World Championship 2018

    Silver Medal, Men’s Singles, World Championship 2019

    Agnes Alexuisson

    Olympic Boxer

    Bronze Medal, European Games 2019

    Lina Watz

    Paralympic Swimmer

    8th in Women’s 50-meter freestyle, Paralympics Rio 2016,

    2nd in 100-meter backstroke, Silver Medal, European Championship Portugal 2020



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