Preparing for Your Baby’s Arrival: 
A Guide to Innerwear and Clothing Selection
Preparing for Your Baby’s Arrival:
A Guide to Innerwear and Clothing Selection
Apr 01, 2020 KIDS

Let us help you prepare for your baby’s joyous arrival in spring. You’ll want to start with these innerwear items. You’ll also want to learn the basics of selecting wear, particularly in spring, when temperatures will vary greatly, as some days will be chilly while others are perspiration inducing. It’s standard practice when dressing babies to layer thin items and enable quick and easy temperature regulation.

UNIQLO’s baby innerwear is the recipient of the top Word-of-Mouth Award in Mamari’s most recommended baby innerwear category

I think the product is well designed for both the baby and caregiver. The short innerwear and the combination innerwear thoughtfully have the tags and seams on the outside. The inside has a securing string while the outside has snap buttons.
Housewife (aged 30)
2-month-old girl

I like the simple design, which looks fine even when it shows through a white tee!
Housewife (aged 25)
8-month-old boy

The fabric is nice and solid, and it stretches nicely, so it’s easy to put my baby’s arms through the sleeves. Dressing is very easy, too! The buttons are two different colors, so I never fasten them wrong.
Housewife (aged 30)
7-month-old boy

Many newborn innerwear items are fastened only with string, but UNIQLO’s is fastened with snap buttons, so it’s easier to use! Changing is so much faster! UNIQLO’s is accessibly priced yet hold up well in spite of numerous washings, and the designs are adorable as well, so most of my baby’s innerwear items are UNIQLO.
Housewife (aged 34)
4-month-old girl

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do the babies born in spring require?

The short innerwear is for wicking perspiration, so it’s worn directly. The combination innerwear is for warmth. Newborns can’t properly regulate their body temperature yet, so the item extends over legs. The bodysuit features buttons at the crotch to keep the item in place. Get five to six of each because you’ll be changing them about three times a day due to perspiration or the spitting up that accompanies burping.

【Modeled items】

BN Short (item not available in the Philippines)
BN Combination Innerwear (item not available in the Philippines)
BN Crew Neck S/S Bodysuit 2P
BN Crew Neck L/S Bodysuit 2P

Guide to Combinations

Start with a perspiration-wicking short innerwear. Then layer a combination innerwear for warmth. Then layer a coverall, which serves as the outer item. If your baby’s back is damp with perspiration, then compensate by removing a layer.

At first, get a bigger size every three months or so. Be sure to choose perfectly sized items because innerwear that’s too loose won’t wick perspiration and will hamper movement. Move up to bigger sizes in line with your baby’s growth.

Newborns will excrete runny stools about 10 times a day for a while, so you’ll be changing diapers frequently. It will be easier to change diapers at this time if you dress your baby in the short innerwear.

【Modeled items】

BN S/S 2P (Not available in the Philippines)

※NOTE: Remaining items were provided by the stylist.

About a month after birth, your baby will remain awake longer and he or she will begin to move his or her legs energetically. A bodysuit should come in handy then. The snap buttons at the crotch secure the item, so you won’t have to worry about his or her tender tummy becoming exposed.

【Modeled item】

BN Crew Neck S/S Bodysuit 2P

COLUMN: For innerwear, choose cotton, which is gentle on the skin

A baby’s skin is sensitive and delicate because it’s only half as thick as an adult’s. Choose 100% cotton, which is gentle on the skin. A rib stitch fabric, which offers plenty of stretch, is the norm, but cotton mesh is great to have during the warmer months.

COLUMN: Check whether the details are specifically designed for the baby in mind

Babies have sensitive skin, so they will express any discomfort. Choose innerwear that is made from a single cloth, so that there are no seams at the sides. Also ensure the hems are on the outside to minimize skin contact with the sewn sections. Snap button designs with adjusters can be changed to accommodate your baby’s growth.

CHECK: Use peripherals to have fun coordinating the look!

Just match bloomers to the innerwear to change the look from one for the house to one for going out in. The bloomers will hide the diaper, and they’ll provide warmth by keeping the innerwear in place around your baby’s tummy. And the sight of your baby crawling about will be adorable!

【Modeled items】

BN Bloomers (item not available in the Philippines)
BN Crew Neck L/S Bodysuit 2P (item not available in the Philippines)

CHECK: Keeping tender tummies conveniently covered
Standard arrangements for bouncing babies

This one-piece outfit alone looks adorable and stylish, owing to a pattern that covers the entire item. Moreover, you can rest easy knowing its one-piece design keeps the tummy covered when you pick up your baby or put him or her in a baby carriage. Snap buttons along the inseam enable a wide opening that greatly simplifies the changing of diapers.

【Modeled items】

BN Crew Neck L/S One-piece Bodysuit

COLUMN: Dressing for the home and a day out

On a warm day, one short innerwear and one combination innerwear should be enough when at home. If the combination of the two innerwear items and a coverall seems too warm when even outside, then opt for just two layers: a coverall over either the short innerwear or a bodysuit.

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A bib is an essential that you can’t have enough of. UNIQLO’s popular bibs come in simple designs and colors that are easy to coordinate. The front is 100% cotton, which quickly absorbs spills and drool. The back is an AIRism pile fabric, which wicks plenty of moisture yet dries quickly. The bib also has snap buttons that are adjustable, so it accommodates your baby’s growth for a long time.

【Modeled items】

BABY Bib 3P (item not available in the Philippines)

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Babies heavily perspire partly due to their accelerated growth. Furthermore, some burping of milk and leakage of runny stools is inevitable, so your baby’s clothing will require changing several times a day. Because you’ll need extras for when the items are in the wash, prepare five to six sets at the least.

【Modeled items】

BN Short (item not available in the Philippines)
BN Crew Neck L/S Bodysuit 2P
BN Crew Neck S/S Bodysuit 2P

※NOTE: Remaining items were provided by the stylist./p>

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