You’ll Want These Items Right Away—Just Like We Do! UNIQLO Today Team’s Favorite Items
You’ll Want These Items Right Away—Just Like We Do! UNIQLO Today Team’s Favorite Items
Mar 25, 2020 WOMEN

Hello! We’re some of the people who bring you UNIQLO Today. It’s our job to check over every aspect of the items that UNIQLO regularly brings out and present the latest coordinated looks and techniques so that you stay in style and up to date in the world of fashion. However, some of the items that we love haven’t appeared in the articles. So, we’re introducing the items that we simply have to recommend in this monthly series. In the March edition, we look at the items that are beautiful in both design and color!


Team member H:
Her 15 years at UNIQLO include experience as a store manager and direction of online marketing initiatives.

Team member A:
With UNIQLO for 18 years. She came aboard the Marketing Team after working at the stores.

Team member K:
Hailing from Kansai, or western Japan, she’s been with UNIQLO for 10 years.

Team member I:
A newcomer to UNIQLO at seven months.

“Simple, yet exquisitely crafted design”
Uniqlo U Crew Neck T-Shirt

“Due to my build, T-shirts generally don’t look good on me, but the Uniqlo U T-shirt is an exception. I frequently wear it because its exquisite silhouette gives me better-looking proportions. After trying different sizes, I found that the M-size model of this tee looks the best on me. I generally choose the S-size models of UNIQLO items, but there’s an advantage to choosing a size that’s one step up. The bigger size produces a slightly more relaxed fit around my upper arms, so I get a trimmer appearance. Beige and the other nuanced colors that the tee comes in complement the item’s silky fabric, so the tee also looks great with clean-look bottoms. I often make the tee the inner layer in office looks.”


W's U Crew Neck S/S T-shirt

“Both a clean look and great wear comfort”
Comfort Feel Flat Shoes

“Spring begins at the feet! With that in mind, I bought the orange comfort feel flat shoes for the first time. I’d never tried UNIQLO’s shoes until I joined the Company, so I was amazed by the shoes’ plush comfort. I was equally amazed by how they’re so easy to walk in! While these shoes look tastefully simple and clean, I can wear them for hours even on the days I’m standing or walking a lot without worrying about chafing at the toes or heels. That’s because the shoes’ inside is spongy and soft. I also love that an anti-odor feature has been added to the insoles. It’s sure to suppress annoying odors in the upcoming season when I won’t be wearing socks. It’s the attention to details that make life easier.”


W's Comfeel Touch Flat Shoes (item not available in the Philippines)

“Free of constriction and irritation”
AIRism Ultra Seamless Shorts

“I was pleasantly surprised by how these shorts aren’t constrictive at all when I pulled them on. That’s important because my skin is sensitive. The elasticated waists of most shorts are constrictive, so I was troubled by itchiness, a problem I didn’t want to discuss. These shorts are fantastic in other ways as well. They won’t show through any bottoms. I recommend the beige model, particularly if you’re of Far-east Asian descent like I am, because it won’t show through even white bottoms. The shorts are made of AIRism, so they’ll remain comfortable, without letting moisture build up, even during the sweltering upcoming season. It helps how they dry quickly after laundering as well.”


W's AIRism Ultra Seamless Shorts

“Just pulling it on confers a stylish appearance!”
Extra Fine Cotton Oversized Long Shirt

“I normally wear M-size items, but I wear the XL model of this shirt because I want a clearly oversized silhouette and a long length. In spring, I wear it as is over a tee or camisole. During the colder times of the year, I wear it over a turtleneck tee or I wear a cardigan over top. Depending on how I coordinate it, I can wear the shirt for a long time, so I buy it every year. This one item alone produces a more stylish appearance, so I can’t do without it! The striped model is handy, too. Ironing is quicker because wrinkles aren’t as noticeable.”


W's EFC Oversized Striped L/S Shirt

【Staff Credit】
Photo: Yūichi Sugita(POLYVALENT)
Illustration: @kumicho