Better known as crwn in the music world, King is one of Manila’s leading beatmakers who’s constantly pushing boundaries, producing innovative and often experimental music that reflects the dexterous skills owned by this new generation.

How do you stay inspired?

I made being “in the zone” a habit. A daily routine that would ultimately be my production calendar. Getting out of the apartment, town or country was what I would look forward to especially on days when I wasn’t getting any inspiration. I also drown myself in books and artworks, and study how other artists of different mediums finish their works.

How do you stand out from other music on the internet?

There are a lot of untouched worlds on the Internet. It’s just a matter of looking for what’s different. You’ll get noticed once you’ve put the work in and practice. You can hear it, when someone gets traction, you just have to listen.

What’s the state of indie music here in the Philippines?

It just keeps getting better for me. A lot of artists are really pushing for a new sound and new ways of creating music. A lot of us are already breaking the mold of what local music is. So I’m really glad to see the scene getting the reception it’s been getting for the past few years.


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