Founder of Evident Communications, Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico is passionate about helping NGOs, CSR, foundations and advocacies for social causes. With her new online platform All Good, she’s using compelling storytelling and photography to highlight important causes, and make social media good again.

How did you get started in social work?

I was a director for my family’s corporate foundation in Sarangani. We developed an innovative educational program to increase literacy rates and reduce dropouts among grade school children.

Why do you do what you do?

Dealing with grassroots organizations, I realized that despite the great work that these groups do within the community with what limited resources they have, they’re not very good at getting their message across. Especially on social media. That’s why after I graduated from NYU, I returned to the Philippines to start a company that could do both corporate communications and social impact communications equally well.

How are you using digital to inform the future?

Evident was born a digital native, but our goals are not just likes and clicks. We’re here to deliver tangible and measurable results. Take for instance the STEMpower Our Girls campaign we launched. It’s a program that aims to get young Filipinas interested and stay interested in STEM courses by convening workshops and mentorships for 120 sixth graders. Our mission is to try and build a bigger community beyond the 120 girls. Through digital platforms, we can reach a much wider audience.


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