Traveling around the country in search of stories that inspire as much as they disturb, TV journalist, writer, photographer and UNHCR advocate Atom Araullo highlights issues affecting Filipinos through The Atom Araullo Specials, a documentary series he produces for GMA.

Why are you so driven to tell the stories of the people?

My parents were activists who met at the University of the Philippines in the ‘70s. They exposed me to current events and politics at an early age. Growing up in that household gave me a wider perspective about the world, and about my role as a student and as an individual.

How far have you gone to find your stories?

I’ve burrowed into a foxhole in Marawi to meet captives held by rebel forces during the siege. I’ve gone underground to document the life of a family living under the Jones Bridge. In my first documentary for i-Witness, I traveled to Bangladesh to report on the Rohingya refugees. This prompted Filipino viewers who had never heard of the crisis before to help.

What keeps you going every day?

I look for stories of people and find strength and inspiration from their resilience and courage. I’m a witness to history unfolding, and I feel a little more hopeful every time.


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