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UNIQLO has been informed of websites that allege to be official UNIQLO websites for individuals or companies interested in investing in UNIQLO's store franchise business. UNIQLO does not offer third party franchises at this time. Therefore, if you come across any website that claims to be an official UNIQLO website for interested investors, please refrain from interacting with it. Thank you.

Regarding fraudulent Uniqlo Franchise Offers through fake websites or e-mail

We are aware of fraudulent schemes designed to trick individuals into making payments related to the establishment of Uniqlo Franchises, through fake websites or e-mail. These fraudulent solicitations may be very sophisticated, and accompanied by many fake documents including fake contracts, 3d store layouts, revenue projections, meeting schedules, and other documents.

Please be aware that Uniqlo does not currently offer franchise opportunities to any third parties outside of Japan,
and any such offers are fake.

If you come across a fake site, or receive a solicitation for establishing a franchise by e-mail, please refrain from contacting them, and send the details to us, at the e-mail address below.

Uniqlo Co., Ltd. Customer Center

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