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Episode: 9Mr. SlowboyIllustrator

Fei Wang aka Mr. Slowboy spent his early career as an artist and creative director at a Beijing ad agency, where he won countless advertising awards. In 2015, he moved to the UK and started working as a fashion illustrator. His work has garnered praise for its even style and relaxed personality. His clients range from classic British brands to fashion and cultural magazines the world over. The illustrations for the opening feature in "The Modern Layering Guide" were drawn by Mr. Slowboy especially for this issue.

“It fits everything I need”

I love shirts. My closet’s full of shirts from UNIQLO, but the French work shirts from the 2020 Spring/Summer JW Anderson collection are probably my favourite so far. If I find an item I like, I usually pick up a few different colours. For this one, I have the white and the blue, along with the matching shorts. The thicker cotton has the perfect texture. The blue one can be worn over a button up and necktie, like a cardigan, while the white works great over a colourful undershirt. Between the two of them, I’ve got all kinds of wardrobe possibilities. My style is predominantly trad, but that doesn’t mean I only wear the heritage brands. I like mixing in new items here and there. That’s what gives an outfit personality and freshness.

There’s a UNIQLO in Islington, the part of London where I live with my family. We shop there all the time. My daughter is four and already has her own style. She loves dressing up. She picked out a boa fleece blouson herself. On chilly days, she wears it with a bright scarf and goes outside on her kick scooter to play. London is a rainy city, so she gets lots of use out of her hooded down as well. Both items are comfortable and easy to take on and off. As a parent, finding clothes like this for your kids is like hitting the jackpot.

1. A closer look at blue and white striped button down worn below with the blue work shirt.

2. French work shirt and matching shorts. Soft and supple after years of use, these clothes have been lovingly cared for.

3. Girl’s boa fleece blouson and hooded down jacket. Chic colours make them easy to combine with other items.

MR.SLOWBOY: Portraits of the Modern Gentleman (December 2021) is a fun and useful volume pairing the artist’s signature illustrations with style tips for the modern gentleman.

  • Photography by Aya Sekine
  • Text by Miyuki Sakamoto
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