UV Protection that you can wear!
UV Protection that you can wear!
Jul 20, 2020 WOMEN
As temperatures rise, you’ll probably start worrying about UV rays when going outdoors. Without proper protection, you can get sunburns! To avoid feeling sticky from applying sunscreen, try out UNIQLO’s UV Protection clothing that blocks up to 90% of UV rays. Get instant protection from the sun when you layer on a cardigan or explore other clothing items that makes you look great while staying protected.

The pocketable UV Protection parka comes in breezy, clean colours. It’s super easy to carry about as well because it conveniently folds into a compact size. The combination of a UV Protection cap and a UV Protection AIRism high-neck tee that gives you total protection from UV rays. It’s great for jogging, too, because you don’t have to worry about re-applying sunscreen when you sweat.

Recommended items:
Pocketable UV Cut Parka
AIRism UV Cut High-neck Sleeveless T-Shirt
UV Cut Sports Cap
AIRism UV Cut Leggings

This look features a casually styled men’s cardigan made of soft jersey fabric, complemented by AIRism’s comfort-enhancing features. This breathable cardigan to minimizes moisture build-up, so you remain comfy even in long sleeves. The tee and shorts are also men’s items! Narrow the waist with a stylish belt that also adds depth to this monochrome look.

Recommended items:
Men AIRism UV Protection Cardigan
Mesh Skinny Belt
Men AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
Men Chino Shorts

Did you know, UV rays will enter indoor spaces too? That’s why this cardigan was made to be worn both indoors and out. It has been updated to embody a trendier feel, thanks to wider sleeves and torso. Consider layering this over a sleeveless top to feel the delightfully smooth texture of Supima® cotton fabric. Match the cardigan to a beige dress to create a sweet overall arrangement with dad sneakers for a dash of contrast.

Recommended items:
UV Cut Supima Cotton Crew Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan
Mercerized Cotton V Neck A Line Sleeveless Long Dress

This long cardigan, which is made of silky fabric with and elegant drape, also provides protection from UV rays. Pair it with these shoes and bag, in white and beige to create a quasi-monochrome arrangement. Remember to add contrast by layering differing fabrics and textures. These pieces alone are beautiful but they create a masterpiece when worn together.

Recommended items:
AIRism UV Cut Long Sleeve Long Cardigan
Chiffon Pleated Printed Long Skirt

This long cardigan extends past the hips and can be casually layered over other items. It offers effortless protection from UV rays, whether you’re stepping outside for a moment or lounging in a sunlit room. The cardigan can also be machine washed, and they dry quickly so they can be worn repeatedly as sun protection.

Recommended items:
AIRism UV Cut Long Sleeve Long Cardigan
Cotton Relax Ankle Pants
Light Cotton Sleeveless Lounge Dress

This mesh full-zip hoodie is a casual, super convenient item because it resists wrinkling and collapses into a compact package. Because of AIRism fabric, it feels cool and comfortable the second you put it on, making it perfect for the hotter days. The hoodie is also ideal as light outerwear for air-conditioned interiors. For added convenience, the sleeves have thumbholes that protects the back of your hands from unwanted tan lines. This versatile item looks great when worn with a striped tee and jeans.

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Women AIRism UV Cut Mesh Long-Sleeve Full-Zip Hoodie
Men UV Cut Hat
Women Mesh Skinny Belt
Men Striped Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
Women U Wide-fit Curved Jeans

Photo: Chihiro Tagata
Styling&Writing: Aiko Ishihara
Hair&Make-up: Rie Aoyama (nude.)
Modes: Risa Mariyama