LifeWear Collection

We welcome you to a collection inspired by a new lifestyle for the 2021 fall and winter season.

Once again, we are about to take a new step.

Wonderful reunions with loved ones.
The feeling the joy of casual interactions with like-minded friends and spending time together in the same space.
These little pleasures of everyday life will surely be restored.

To a better society and a better life.
We believe that changing the way we look at things around us is the first step towards realizing these new days.
Living to make you feel closer to people you love,
your hometown and nature while cherishing individuality, preferences and enrichment of life itself.
A lifestyle that is not bound by existing frameworks is required.

Clothes that incorporate the values and ideas of those who wear them and infuse the spirit of a new era.
That is our concept of LifeWear.

1 A new era where cities and nature are connected.

Casual style / Work style / Functional style / Seasonal colour

Freedom of Movement

From city life to nature just a stone's throw away.Instead of drawing a line, you’ll feel a new and rich world open up by connecting more seamlessly.You can be comfortable and true to yourself with new high quality and functional everyday wear.

2 Living with quality goods that don’t change over time.

Natural knit materials / Sophisticated jeans / Basic with attention to details

Curated City Living

Living your own unique way starts with choosing goods that align with your values and preferences.A minimal, yet high-quality wardrobe enriches your life with comfort and discening style.

3 Stay positive and healthy. Time to look back at yourself.


Reset & Recharge

Free yourself from your busy days and spend a relaxing time.For outdoors, workouts and resting at home.An important time to positively prepare your feelings for tomorrow.Comfortable styles for staying in and heading out.

4 Have a warmer winter with smart technology.

Down Outerwear Collection / Warm pants / HEATTECH / AIRism Fall / Winter

Technology for Winter