Designer Interview

Designer Interview

We spoke to Jonathan Anderson about the inspiration and the concept behind the 2022 Spring/Summer collection.

What inspired you to make the ocean the theme of your collection, and what mood do you aim to convey?

I have a country house in Norfolk beside the English coastline, so I often visit the beach near there. The mood is relaxed, light and optimistic with a youthful spirit overall.

Nautical patchwork and embroidery designs are central to this collection. Why so? And what is your favourite item?

I wanted to dive into the idea of craft further by using classic shirting stripes as inspiration for the boat patchwork. This idea further evolved into the patchwork jacquard socks.
My favourite item is the boat patchwork sweatshirt in grey melange.


What does the sea mean to you?

It means holidays, escapism, time to relax and breathe in.

This shoot is on a sailboat. In what ways does sailing inspire you?

I usually spend my summer holidays in Ibiza and I am from Northern Ireland so I am always surrounded by the sea.


You have worked on many collections for other brands. What do you find different about working on UNIQLO LifeWear?

Working with Uniqlo is different because there is an opportunity to dress a global audience which is exciting. Also being connected to Japan and the Japanese culture at the same time.

Why did you commission Theo Wenner to photograph this collection?

I’ve been following his work for a while, and I find it very inspiring. Particularly the beach images and the way he captures youth.


The pandemic has robbed many young people of two years of opportunity. What’s your advice to budding designers?

Keep trying, use this time to create, reinvent yourself and explore new ideas that you didn’t consider before. Make it a passage of discovery and try new things.

Is there any particular country or city you want to visit after the pandemic abates, and why?

I would like to just go to the countryside where I can enjoy nature and go for long walks.