2021 Fall/Winter Collection Theme

2021 Fall/Winter Collection Theme

Memories of Rossinière

The Ines collection for a new season is de signed on the theme: Relaxing at the Grand Chalet of Rossinière. Built in the 18th century, it is the largest wooden house in Europe and is among the oldest cabins in Switzerland that are still being used for accommodating vacationers.
“Every year, I spend Christmas at the chalet. I fell in love with this place not only because of its architectural significance. I am also in trigued by the history of the chalet; it was the home of the late painter Balthus. His widow, Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, who is also an artist, continues to live there with her daughter and her family.”
The peacefulness of the chalet, nested in a serene landscape, is incomparable. “We take a leisurely walk, read in bed, or have a chat by the fireplace. Then, we eat a long, leisurely dinner. While staying at the chalet, we bask in 19th-century-style slow living. For a place unchanged for years, a casual wardrobe that is also timeless is the most suitable choice. What I believe is the most relevant thing for me to do at a moment like this is to present the collection, which can bring to people the joy of styling essentials that are comfortable to wear and can blend in with nature.”

1: The Grand Chalet, the crown jewel of Swiss architecture, is situated in Rossinière, a small village surrounded by mountains. It is designated as a historic landmark.


2 & 3: In the last years of his life, Balthus lived at the Grand Chalet. His studio has been preserved, retaining traces of the past. The Balthus Tribute Chapel and his tomb are adjacent to the chalet.

4: One of the rooms inside the chalet.