Craftsmanship story

Craftsmanship story

Beauty in Design and Function – The Making of Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi

Wireless bra Plunging

The Uniqlo design team worked closely with Mame Kurogouchi and the garment factories to create a bra that provides full support without restricting the body. In order for a bra to keep its curved shape, an ideal balance must be achieved between the cups and back strap. Because the design called for a thin bra back, the cups have been made lighter than usual, with a thin layer of material inserted into the mold to maintain the shape. Numerous color samples were tested to achieve the right shade of earth tones, to help define the collection concept.


AIRism Cotton Material

The concept of the collection is to allow women the freedom to move seamlessly between innerwear and clothes. Helping to make that possible is the AIRism cotton material, a revolutionary fabric developed using Uniqlo’s leading technology. Garments made with AIRism cotton material feature soft and smooth AIRism material on the inside and luminous cotton material on the outside. The versatile material and beauty of design allow for countless styling choices, freeing the woman from the norms and expectation that innerwear be worn underneath the clothes. The blending of Mame Kurogouchi design and Uniqlo technology has culminated in a collection that provides women with a world of possibilities.


3D Knit Technology

Uniqlo’s leading 3D knit technology allows for the creation of smooth knit sweaters and pants without a single seam on sides. This technology was essential in bringing the flowing silhouettes and fluid lines by Mame Kurogouchi to life. “There are no straight lines on a woman’s body,” says designer Maiko Kurogouchi. “My hope is to create clothes that land softly on the curves and enhance the figure.” From the curves in the neckline to soft flares in the sleeves, the Uniqlo design team and garment factories tested numerous styles, textures and cuts before arriving at the ideal form and look.