Styling for a new generation

Styling for a new generation

A seamless transition from innerwear to clothing

Oversized cotton T-Shirt with slip

Transforming the notion that slips are to be worn but not seen, this layered look is all about the stylish reveal. Slip on an oversized cotton sleeveless top and let the innerwear peek out from the wide armholes. Enjoy the gradation of hues from top to bottom for an extra chic touch.


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Bra and underwear set

Mix and match the bra and underwear in the colour of your choice, inspired by the natural skin tones of women all over the world. Dressing in the morning never felt more liberating.


Items from this look

Left model
Right model

Bra and skirt

Time spent at home is a chance to indulge. Pair items that make you look and feel good, like a beautiful bra designed for comfort with a smooth, soft skirt that hugs your curves.


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3D knit ribbed sweater and bra

Feel effortlessly stylish in a soft knit sweater with a flattering neckline and thin mesh bra straps peeking out from beneath. The complementary colour tones add a touch of elegance.


Items from this look