Pocketable Parka

Pocketable Parka

What I must not forget

A GOLD BOOK, the rare book by Andy Warhol which now belonged to Ken, gave me the boost as a book hunter and an opportunity to go independent.

Being a famous art book collector in Manhattan, Ken was kind enough to refer me to many clients. And thanks to my mentor, Jack, and his guidance, I learned the art of book hunting – identify which books have hidden values, who is searching for such books, and how to rationally find the books. All the things that used to be a mystery soon became my knowledge, and I eventually became well-acquainted with the scene.

It had been a while since I met Seth so I shared the many of my episodes related to books in the last few months.

“Those are amazing stories! Do you mind if I write about you in my column?” said Seth. “Of course,” I said.

Few days later, Seth phoned. “The column I wrote on you is going to be featured in a town magazine.”

The column was a short story about a Japanese boy who travelled from San Francisco to New York and by chance gets into the world of book hunting. It goes on to tell of his amazing journey through Manhattan, from his coincidental encounter with A GOLD BOOK that becomes the ticket for him to join the collector’s community and eventually takes him to discover Ballet by Alexey Brodovitch.

Despite the slight embarrassment, in it being my story, I was ecstatic to introduce these miracles and people I was fortunate to encounter through books in NYC, a city full of energy and magic.

When I saw the piece, I saw how Seth had included numerous illustrations of how a boy, me that is, finds himself in various places in search of books. I was happy, proud, and speechless when I got a copy for myself.

“You are officially a full-fledged book hunter, a famous New York hunter, that is. As long as you continue to devote yourself to the trade, this recognition will remain and you’ll be well on your way. Congrats!” said Jack.

“New York is the kind of place that champions people passionately making their effort. It’s where such people help, support, and praise each other,” he continued.

What I must not forget image

“But remember this. Luck doesn’t just fall on your lap. It’s something brought to you by someone else. Such fortune is the doing of others. That’s why it’s so important to be grateful for the people you know and look after those relationships,”

Jack said as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

It was so true. When I read the piece, it was a story of a feat achieved by a wonderful protagonist. But it wasn’t only my doing ― there were people who helped me along the way. I knew, for certain, that I would keep this in mind.

Pocketable Parka

The high functionality and portability

Pocketable parka, so compactly rolled into a sack you can take anywhere. 100% polyester, thin and lightweight. Fabric has rip-resistant sturdiness and matte texture to avoid being too sporty.

The powerful, water-repellent coating on the surface keeps for a long time ― all to give you assuring function in those sudden rainfalls.

Pocketable Parka
Pocketable Parka

The powerful, water-repellent coating on the surface keeps for a long time ― all to give you assuring function in those sudden rainfalls.

Pocketable Parka

To be a professional

Jack also said,

“Don’t stand out, seek fame, nor be pompous. This story is a good start for a book hunter but don’t let that get to your head and start promoting yourself like a product. You may see a temporary boost in work and networking, but the more the more you stand out, like in this column, it’s best to be humble, lay low and continue with work.”

“Like I said, people help out each other in New York, but they also compete and fight against one another. You always have to remember there are lot more people who will think ill of you than people who will celebrate your achievements. There’s always someone who will try to steal your thunder. So it’s smarter to lay low and quietly work with humility.”

I knew exactly what Jack was saying.

“That’s so true. I didn’t know anything, and it’s because of you and the others who guided and supported me that I encountered such a miracle and was able to live this amazing story. I gained so much thanks to all of you, and this I won’t forget. From now on, it won’t be so much about gaining for myself but focusing on giving more to others,” I replied.

“That sounds about right. You have to balance everything. Win too much and you’re setting yourself for a huge loss and that could be detrimental. You win some, you lose some. You have to win just enough to keep your head above water. Soon you’ll know when to land the win. So, don’t stand out, but just keep at it diligently. And when the time comes, you go for the kill. This is the true strength of being a professional,” he said with a smile and a pat on my shoulder.

To be a professional image

“And, you never know what happens with work, so it’s about being prepared for whatever life throws at you. Ok, gotta go,” said Jack and suddenly it started to rain.

I quickly took shelter in front of a supermarket while Jack quickly took out a rolled-up parka from his bag, put it on and briskly walked out in the rain.

Seeing this, I thought, “Book hunter is great, but I want to be like Jack…”

Pocketable Parka

For various scenes

So that you can wear for both sports and as a fashion piece, the silhouette is smartened with a snugger collar and sleeves. The hood has been reengineered for a cleaner fit. The adjustor lets you play around for a different look and style.

So when you travel, run after work, keep as an extra outer layer for mountain climbing, or to try to stay warm in an air-conditioned office, this is the standard LifeWear you want to have in your bag or trunk wherever you go.

Pocketable Parka
Pocketable Parka

So when you travel, run after work, keep as an extra outer layer for mountain climbing, or to try to stay warm in an air-conditioned office, this is the standard LifeWear you want to have in your bag or trunk wherever you go.

No matter what happens, no need to fret.
I have my trusty piece that will
take me through rain and wind.

Yataro Matsuura
Pocketable Parka
LifeWear Story 100

What is “LifeWear story 100?”

there exist these lines of clothes
which has remained for many years,
yet never dated.
Out of the line-ups,
they are the unsung presence,
sitting quietly behind in TV ads.

Yet, they are the culmination
of the years of passion and devotion,
where UNIQLO sought to pursue
more comfort,
more durability, and
more quality.

They give shape and gravitas
to what and who UNIQLO is,
and what UNIQLO continues
to nurture with great care.

To go beyond yesterday,
to reach higher tomorrow.

When you take it in your hands,
when you try it on,
it softly speaks to you,
almost like a friend.

What is a rich quality
How is such a quality day spent?
What does happiness mean to you…

And you will find yourself
surprised to discover that such
piece of clothing has existed.

What is the UNIQLO principle?
Why do we call clothing LifeWear?
What kind of clothes constitute

Here, we go deep into
the root of LifeWear,
to know
and to tell.
And I hope to write
stories that revolve
around LifeWear and myself.

LifeWear story 100 will be
a story about a journey with me and LifeWear.

Yataro Matsuura

Yataro Matsuura
Yataro Matsuura

Essayist, editor. Born 1965 in Tokyo.
For nine years from 2005, under the leadership of the founder, Shizuko Ohashi, he was the chief editor for the magazine, “Kurashi no Techo.” Since, he launched an online media site, “Kurashi no Kihon.” Currently, sits as a director for Oishii Kenko Ltd. Recognized for his eye for style and experience in presenting ideas for quality lifestyle. Regularly writes in his columns in newspapers and magazines. Has penned numerous best-sellers including “Kyo mo Teinei ni” and “Shigoto no Kihon Kurashi no Kihon 100.” Hosts a radio program on NHK Radio 1, “Karen Style.”